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All Things All Elite: October 14th, 2020

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All Things All Elite: October 14th, 2020

Welcome to All Things All Elite: Anniversary Edition!

Welcome to All Things All Elite: Anniversary Edition! Being the Elite once again has some important plot points revolving around Hangman which needs to be checked out. If you were too busy to watch BTE this week though, don’t worry — you’re in the right place.

Listen to the latest episode of our weekly wrestling podcast, PTW!

Also of note: the first tournament has started for BTE’s newest title belt and Hangman put out a press release on Twitter! Review the rest of AEW’s social media as well, and enjoy Dynamite tonight!

Being The Elite

  • BTE opens with a clip from right before the Hangman/Jericho match last year. Hangman asks the Bucks to be there for the match, they say they are busy but that Hangman will do great. Hangman thanks them and leaves.
  • Colt Cabana (as Michael Nakazawa) realizes Kenny will think he’s Michael and won’t chase him on sight now. He walks into The Elite’s dressing room where Kenny is. Kenny of course thinks its Michael and tells him to get on his knees and do what he and Michael always do. Kenny proceeds to take off his pants. Colt obviously believes this to be a sexual request until Kenny tells him to spray tanner on his legs because they’re too white.
  • Santana comes out for “Speaking Spanglish” but Ortiz doesn’t show up. Santana gets a text and leaves. Cut to Ortiz being tied up by Silver and Reynolds, who are trying to get him to drink the Kool-Aid. At the same time, the two Dark Order members see that their Chili’s order has arrived and leave. Santana finds Ortiz and unties him.
  • The Bucks announce the first BTE Champion will be determined by a Gator Golf tournament.
  • The first round is Matt vs. Nick and Matt gets the win.
  • Cut back to Brandon Cutler and Hangman. They’re now having fun together for the fourth night in a row smashing watermelon and pumpkins. They’re having fun until Brandon brings up trying to patch things up with the Bucks. Hangman drunkenly storms off, leaving his phone in the parking lot.
  • Best Friends do their Gator Golf tournament round and Trent wins.
  • The Bucks are watching the TV during last week’s episode of Dynamite when Matt Hardy comes up and tells them they need to watch it while standing a different way to get a profile shot for the cameras. Thus explaining why the Bucks were watching that match so weird last week.
  • Evil Uno searches for Mr. Brodie Lee. Finds Stu Grayson buried under the furniture in their little clubhouse. Stu says Anna Jay did this to him. Uno tells Anna that she needs to go easy on Stu. Anna says she can go easy on Stu for two weeks, then shoves Stu over the table again. 
  • Brandon asks The Bucks to make up with Hangman. They refuse to. Brandon then asks The Bucks to be in his corner for AEW Dark this week and support him, as friends should do. They agree. Brandon thanks them and walks off.
  • The Bucks then decide maybe it is time to talk to Hangman. They text him that they need to talk, work on being friends again, and just try to fix this whole thing. But Hangman’s phone is in the parking lot, from when he dropped it while drunk.
  • John Silver and Alex Reynolds have their Gator Golf match. Silver wins.
  • The Dark Order is trying to recover from their latest loss. They come up with ideas for what they want to do to make Brodie Lee feel better. Ideas include getting Five Guys, literally kissing his ass, and taking him to NYC. Brodie Lee comes in and yells at all of them for not being there when he lost. He kicks them all out except for John Silver, who he now seems to like.
  • Someone finds Hangman’s phone in the parking lot and texts the Bucks (pretending to be Hangman), telling them to f*ck off and to never speak to him again.

AEW Dark

  • Jungle Boy def. Kazarian, Evil Uno and The Blade. Jungle Boy got a surprise pin on Evil Uno for the win. The Dark Order ran out and started a beatdown, but Marko and Luchasaurus ran out along with the rest of SCU. Faces got the upper hand in the end.
  • Lucha Bros def. Lee Johnson and Cezar Bononi
  • Brandon Cutler fought Peter Avalon to a double disqualification. Cutler comes out and looks for the Bucks, who aren’t there. Avalon attacks him from behind, beats him down, then demands that Rick Knox announce him the winner. Knox doesn’t, and the match starts. Knox gets knocked out and Cutler gets a pin, but of course Knox doesn’t see. Cutler grabs a book, Peter grabs the 20 sided die and they both hit each other at the same time, leading to a double DQ. Leva Bates storms off, angry at both of them.
  • Sonny Kiss tells Matt Sydal to watch out because he’s about to show that he can also hold his own in singles as well as in tag matches.
  • Matt Sydall def. Sonny Kiss
  • Dark Order (Ten, Silver, Reynolds) def. Aaron Solow, Angel Fashion and M’Badu
  • Red Velvet def. Elayna Black. Brandi came out on for commentary, talking up how she likes Red Velvet.
  • Ricky Starks def. Fuego Del Sol
  • Scorpio Sky and Daniels are backstage doing an interview when Tully Blanchard and Shawn Spears walk into the interview. Sky and Daniels accuse the two of screwing up the tag match against FTR the other week. They schedule a match for Dark next week.
  • Billy and Austin Gunn def. Ryzin/Maxx Stardom
  • Darby Alln def. Nick Comoroto. After the match Darby rushes Ricky Starks, who is on commentary. The refs pull them apart.
  • KiLynn King cuts a promo, says that she won’t be tossed around like Nyla’s usual opponents. Says that Vickie and Nyla attacking her from behind are actions of a coward.
  • Colt Cabana def. Griff Garrison. Colt once again comes out with Evil Uno who helps when the ref isn’t looking. Evil Uno praises Colt for his win.
  • Nyla Rose def. KiLynn King. Vickie Guerrero cuts a promo after the match saying AEW is giving Nyla opponents that are below her. Vickie says Nyla will not wrestle until Shida accepts Nyla’s challenge for a title match.
  • Joey Janela def. D3
  • Wardlow def. Elijah Dean
  • Eddie Kingston def. Baron Black

Road to Anniversary Show

  • The wrestlers of AEW talk about how AEW has exceeded expectations, each giving their thoughts on what AEW is.
  • Moxley expresses similar sentiments as last week: at some point he is going to lose the championship. He admits it could be that he loses to Lance, but if he does it’s not going to make it easy for Lance. There is talk of their Wrestle Kingdom match and how this will be a conclusion to what was started in Japan. 

Twitter Happenings and Misc

  • Lance Archer cuts a promo to go along with the “Road To” video.
  • Brodie Lee tweeted out after last week’s match that he respects Cody and hasn’t tweeted since. Not even his daily tweet where he says what day it is.
  • Peter Avalon is on Shot of Brandi this week.
  • The podcast has a bunch of different people on it this week reflecting on the past year of AEW.
  • In the middle of last week’s episode Hangman put out this extremely excellent press release.

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