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All Things All Elite: November 11th, 2020

Pro Wrestling

All Things All Elite: November 11th, 2020

Dark results, Full Gear fallout and the AEW Games announcement all lead us into tonight’s Dynamite.

Happy Wednesday, everyone, and welcome to another edition of All Things All Elite, where we break down the week in AEW leading to tonight’s Dynamite. We had another PPV in Full Gear this past weekend, and this week’s Being The Elite featured some of the fallout. AEW also had some interesting matches where jobbers had matches against jobbers, letting them actually stand out! The match with Top Flight in particular was pretty good.

Twitter activity was pretty slow, but we did get the launch of AEW Games, so that is extremely exciting. Anyway, feel free to check out what happened and enjoy Dynamite tonight!

Being The Elite

  • Matt and Nick talk before the PPV. Nick calls Matt stupid for putting in the stipulation that they can’t challenge again for the titles if they lose. Matt reassures him that if even they do lose, not to worry since they can just make TNT tag titles.
  • Silver and Reynolds try to recruit Michael Nakazawa. They think things are going well until Michael sticks his thong on their faces.
  • The Bucks and others are sitting around signing signatures for trading cards.
  • Some of the wrestlers are getting their pictures taken (most likely for the new video game). Christopher Daniels tells Brandon he needs to pose with a belt. Brandon gets excited and goes over to the belts, wondering which one he will pose with. Daniels hands him a normal belt and tells him his pants are sliding off.
  • Cutler looks around for the pay window since he just won a match. He asks Kazarian where it is. Frankie calls him a mark, makes fun of him, and says the business doesn’t work like that.
  • Trent, Matt Jackson, and John Silver compete in the final Gator Golf round for the belt. It is a very complicated course and they claim it is a shoot game. After a hard won game… Trent.. is your new… BTE CHAMPION!
  • Brandon Cutler has a really cool steampunk outfit. Frankie makes fun of him. Justin Roberts asks if Frankie signed up for those anger management classes yet. Frankie yells at him and storms off.
  • Miro and Kip Sabian are playing video games when Leva Bates comes up and asks if she can play. She’s obviously new to the game. Miro gives his controller to Leva. Kip laughs as the game starts but grows incredibly frustrated — clearly, Leva is winning. After the game, Leva walks off and Kip claims that she must have cheated somehow.
  • The Jurassic Express hangs out in an ice bath. They all take off their trunks, but much to their embarrassment Anna Jay walks by and laughs at them as they get out.
  • Kenny gets The Bucks hats and takes them to the back room where they spray champagne everywhere. Hangman walks by, tempted to join but decides not to and walks off.
  • Eddie Kingston cuts an amazing promo. He tears up and talks about how he sold his soul to the devil, “the devil” being pro wrestling. He talks about how he played the political game backstage and pulled strings to get the match and he failed to win the belt. He says that pro wrestling is all he has and that “this isn’t a character”. He ends by saying he’ll be back because there is nothing else at all in his life.
  • Evil Uno tries to comfort John Silver after his loss, reassuring him he did great out there and all his friends thought so. They try to cheer him up, Evil Uno gives John an orange to punch, Five gives him a white powder he claims is powdered sugar, Anna Jay offers him a hug.
  • Stu Grayson says to Silver, “remember that time we were chanting ‘f*ck Hangman”? The Dark Order all starts to chant it to cheer him up. Hangman walks in the room and they suddenly stop. Hangman, who is grabbing another drink, starts the chants back up. The Dark Order go along with him and Hangman walks out. Suddenly Evil Uno says he needs to do something and goes after Hangman.

AEW Dark

  • Chaos Project def. TNT (Terrell Hughes and Terrence Hughes — the sons of D-Von Dudley)
  • The Acclaimed def. Louie Valle and Justin Blax
  • Top Flight def. Baron Black and Frankie Thomas. 
  • Peter Avalon (who is now calling himself “Pretty Peter Avalon” or PPA) is having dinner with the person behind the camera. He is dressed in his bathrobe and has a meal of microwave food and canned hard seltzer. Sultry music plays. Something dings, camera moves and we realize we are on an elevator as someone walks on. Camera person slaps “PPA” and walks out.
  • The Hybrid 2 def. Adam Priest and Shawn Dean
  • Lucha Bros def. Ashton Starr and David Ali
  • Leva Bates def. Dani Jordyn. A fun bit at the start where Dani Jordyn shows Leva her entry in Dani’s burn book. Also of note: this is Leva’s first singles win.
  • Five of the Dark Order def. Fuego del Sol
  • Ivelisse and Diamante def. Dreamgirl Ellie and Jennacide
  • Jurassic Express (Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy) def. Sonny Kiss and Joey Janela

Twitter Happenings and Misc.

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