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All Things All Elite: December 23, 2020

Pro Wrestling

All Things All Elite: December 23, 2020

Catch up on a Christmas-themed Being the Elite, and Kenny’s latest appearance on Impact Wrestling!

Good afternoon, All Elite Wrestling fans. Hope you’re having a great holiday season! In this week’s edition of All Things All Elite, I’ve split Being The Elite up into three sections. The first being random bits, the second being The Dark Order’s bits, the third being BTE’s version of A Christmas Carol. We also had some promos, one being a must watch-one from SCU during Britt Baker’s talk show. Make sure to catch up on that and everything else before AEW Dynamite tonight!

Being The Elite

  • John Silver (sporting a very cool Steve Brule shirt) plays the card game Higher or Lower to decide who will challenge him next for his BTE title. Marko Stunt ends up winning and will be the next challenger.
  • The Young Bucks seem to be doing a shoot when they go into the Dark Order’s hangout room. They say that the Dark Order have been costing them money with all the ‘Cowboy Day’ merchandise they’ve purchased and now they’ve broken a table. They also note that the Dark Order have pretty much taken over BTE, but they laugh it off and are good natured about it.
  • Matt Hardy opens up about the reason he’s been kind of a jerk recently. He tells the Young Bucks and Private Party that he was excited to come to AEW and be Broken Matt Hardy but the fans didn’t like that. After all this time in the business he is so extremely fed up with the fans demanding other things, so now he’s reminding the fans why he deserves respect. He says the business is a leech and has leeched off of him, but now he’s going to leech of it.
  • Orange Cassidy and Kris Statlander sit around, hanging out.
  • Kip Sabian asks Leva Bates if she let him win. Leva says of course she didn’t! Kip then goes on to laugh at her and brag about how great he is at video games. Leva looks annoyed.
  • The Dark Order decides to go caroling. 
  • The Dark Order are going around knocking on hotel room doors. Griff Garrison shuts his door in their face.
  • The group brings their Christmas carols to the bathroom stall, where they get yelled at by Frankie Kazarian.
  • The Dark Order are now back in their club, angry that their caroling didn’t go well. John Silver goes on a rant about how stupid Christmas is and the rest of the group agrees. Right as they begin a “f*ck Christmas” chant, Colt Cabana tells them to calm down, and that they need to just capture the Christmas spirit. 
  • The Dark Order agrees and John says there is one more song he can do. They then sing Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, but modified to be about Hangman. They chase Hangman around, singing to him. Eventually, they ask him to hang out with them. He is unsure at first but then decides that it’s Christmas, why not. They end up happily talking and drinking.
  • Frankie Kazarian is exercising when Christopher Daniels pops up and warns him he will be visited by three ghosts. Frankie tells him to get lost.
  • Trent visits Frankie as the Ghost of Christmas Past. He has a red robe on to illustrate that he is actually a ghost. He shows Frankie clips of him being a jerk to Brandon Cutler and tells him to change. Frankie laughs it off.
  • Frankie Kazarian goes into the bathroom where in one of the stalls he is met by the Dark Order caroling. He yells at them to get out. Chuck Taylor leans against the wall telling Frankie he is the Ghost of Christmas Present and that Frankie needs to be nicer to Cutler.
  • Chuckie T then shows Kazarian a clip of what happened earlier today when Frankie yelled at Cutler for being a mark. Cutler was told that to be buff he had to “get on the sauce” so he went looking for hot sauce. Kazarian yells at him for being an idiot.
  • Orange Cassidy shows up as the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. He shows Frankie that if he isn’t nicer to Cutler he is going to lose a match to him.
  • Frankie is horrified, saying “there’s no way I’m going to put that mark over!”. Frankie promises to reform his ways. He goes out and wishes everyone a merry Christmas, giving Marko Stunt (who he calls Tiny Tim) money to go buy everyone White Claw.

AEW Dark

  • Jurassic Express def. Bear Country
  • “The Native Beast” Nyla Rose def. Tesha Price
  • Miro def. Sonny Kiss
  • Waiting Room: Britt Baker had her usual monologue poking fun at Top Flight and PAC. Frankie and Christopher Daniels are guests. Frankie points out that Christopher Daniels has time and time again been the weak link in SCU, including last week’s loss on Dynamite. Kazarian then apologizes for letting professional feelings get mixed up with their personal relationship. 
  • Christopher Daniels then says he shouldn’t have to apologize, takes responsibility for those losses and says Kazarian is right to blame him and that he’s falling apart. He says it’s maybe time to walk away. Kazarian tells Daniels that no, he needs to not walk away, he needs to be a fighter and fight by his side.
  • Frankie then says “from here on out, we will fight as a tag team. If we ever lose again, we are done as a tag team”. Frankie then calls out TH2. 
  • Thunder Rosa def. Jazmin Allure
  • Stu Grayson def. Lee Johnson
  • KiLynn King def. Alex Gracia
  • “Pretty” Peter Avalon def. Mike Verna
  • Red Velvet def. Vertvixen
  • Colt Cabana, Five & Ten of the Dark Order def. Fuego Del Sol, Aaron Solow & Ray Jaz
  • “Legit” Leyla Hirsch def. Madi Wrenkowski 
  • Gunn Club def. Terrence, Terrell Hughes
  • Rey Fenix def. Danny Limelight
  • Matt Sydal def. Serpentico
All Things All Elite: December 23, 2020

Impact Wrestling

  • Not too much this week on Impact. Tony once again did an ad emphasizing he could totally stop Kenny from wrestling on Impact if he wanted, but he won’t. He then invited any Impact stars to feel free to come onto AEW.
  • Don talked about how when Kenny was a kid he said he wanted to own the wrestling business and now he does. Kenny said that people try to be him but no one can. Don says Kenny being there was the biggest Christmas gift that Impact Wrestling could ever receive.

Twitter Happenings and Misc

  • Miro takes to his YouTube channel to address how he is all over social media and why he’s in AEW.
  • Miro then follows up his AEW Dark match with another promo on YouTube.
  • AEW tweeted out this… hmmm some letters appear to be missing… whatever could it mean? (OK, I’ll just say it: the missing letters spell “join us Dustin”)
  • MJF appreciates one of Sammy’s tweets.
  • On Sammy’s vlog Marko Stunt was “Tiny Santa”, a possible match between Fuego Del Sol and QT was teased, and some cameos for his 300th vlog
  • Possible name for Kenny’s new Impact faction?

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