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All Things All Elite: April 21, 2021

Pro Wrestling

All Things All Elite: April 21, 2021

Get caught up on Dark, Elevation, IMPACT and more before tonight’s episode of Dynamite!

Good afternoon, fellow All Elite Wrestling fans! This week’s Being The Elite was short on content, despite its run time was (it was mostly just backstage footage). Elevation continues with the Sydal/Nakazawa feud, and Dark has one or two tidbits to help build the QT Marshal/Billy Gunn match tonight. We had a Road To… this week as well, which, as always, is good if you need to get pumped about some of the matches this week. And we had a long 40 minute video from IMPACT talking about the Omega/Swann match this weekend. Check out everything you may have missed this week and enjoy Dynamite tonight!

Being The Elite

  • The Jacksons hang around before a photo shoot, half in character, half not.
  • The Dark Order wait for Hangman to return with food. They consider eating Five’s new extremely large penis, but decide to just get some Uber Eats for “50 pounds of meat”.
  • Brandon Cutler is lured into a back room where the Best Friends once again try to kill Cutler. Cutler says “I just need a bit, it can be anything! It can be a mailbag!” The Best Friends then do a mailbag.
  • More backstage stuff with The Elite as they do a meet and greet.
  • Rzyin tries to find somewhere safe to hide after eating all of the Good Brothers’ Viagra and gets some extremely strange looks in the hallway.
  • Brandon tells the Bucks that they have been avoiding him. Brandon says the doctor says he should be out for four to six months. The Bucks point out that his contract is almost up, so in order to keep his contract he needs to start running errands and doing odd jobs for them during his downtime. Essentially, the Bucks say Cutler will be their young boy. Again, can’t help but think Cutler had this coming.

AEW Dark Elevation

  • “Hangman” Adam Page def. Spencer Slade. Lots of lariats and Page made quick work of Spencer.
  • Dr. Britt Baker DMD def. Tesha Price. Another quick match with Britt of course getting the win with the lock jaw.
  • Jurassic Express def. Jay Lyon & Midas Black. Lyon starts off with a steak in his mouth. Jungle Boy tries to take it and Lyon uses that as a chance to throw Jungle Boy. As the match goes on, Lyon attempts to give Luchasaurus the steak, but takes a kick to the face and Jungle Express get the win.
  • TH2 def. Vary Morales & Andre Montoya. TH2 control the opening of the match, and with very few exceptions keep that momentum all the way through. Angelico gets in his Navarro Death Roll for the win.
  • The Acclaimed are on the showcase segment. Bowens talk about his experience as an openly gay wrestler. The two of them brag about how they are so good they got signed during a pandemic. They talk about how they were singles stars before AEW and Tony thought they would be a good tag team.
  • Brian Cage & Ricky Starks def. Mike Magnum & Stone Rockwell. Mike Magnum doesn’t do so well at the start of the match, but is able to get a tag to Stone Rockwell. Rockwell is able to mount some kind of offense but it’s not enough.
  • Abadon def. Skye Blue. Abadon sprints into the ring on all fours and does what Abadon does best. Blue is able to get some hits in but Abadon is unphased. Abandon of course gets the win.
  • Orange Cassidy def. Prince Kai. Bell rings, Cassidy hits Prince Kai with a beach break. Match done.
  • Private Party def. Alex Reynolds & Colt Cabana. Kassidy pushes Uno and the Dark Order ring side retaliates. The ref catches it and the Dark Order get thrown out. Colt and Reynolds both get decent offense in until Private Party takes the momentum back. Colt gets confused who the legal guy is and ends up getting rolled up.
  • Thunder Rosa def. Shawna Reed. Fairly quick match, after some back and forth Reed goes for a submission, Rosa counters and wins with a package piledriver.
  • Best Friends def. Kit Sackett & Hayden Backlund. An even quicker match, both Friends get a piledriver in and get the pin.
  • Leyla Hirsch & Ryo Mizunami def. Nyla Rose & Madi Wrenkoswki. Vickie came out and berated Justin Roberts for not announcing properly. Match starts with Nyla and Ryo. Blows exchanged. Madi comes in to keep the momentum going. Heels have control of most of it but eventually Leyla gets Madi to tap.
  • Austin Gunn def. Aaron Solow. QT put steps on the rant and sat on there to watch. Gunn takes control right off the bat with a fury of blows. Despite some slip ups, Gunn keeps the momentum for the most part and wins with the Quick Draw.
  • Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page def. Dean Alexander & Charlie Bravo. Sky starts things off strong before Ethan comes in where he takes some punishment before getting in his own offense. Sky tags in and gets Alexander to tap out.
  • Backstage, Austin is interviewed about the current Nightmare family/factory feud. Billy interrupts to finish up the interview but QT also interrupts saying he likes the Gunns, but this isn’t about the Gunns. Billy then asks why did your guys attack us? QT knocks Billy to the ground.
  • Kenny Omega, Mike Nakazawa & Konosuke Takeshita def. Sydall Brothers & Danny Limelight. Kenny comes out angry that he has to be on Elevation. Nakazawa and Kenny have headsets and are talking to each other while 10 feet away. Kenny’s team has the upper hand throughout, with Takeshita ending up getting the pin.

AEW Dark

  • Darby starts things off by cutting a promo saying that people who say he and Jungle Boy are alike are wrong. He says that if Jungle Boy wants to win tonight he’s going to tap into the thing inside him that lets him stop being so nice and actually fight.
  • Joey Janela def. Will Allday
  • SCU def. Ryzin & John Skyler
  • Big Swole & KiLynn King def. Ashley MK & Steff MK
  • Ricky Starks says he’s got 10 wins and Hangman only has 7, yet Hangman is number one contender. He says Hangman always caves under pressure but he is like a diamond.
  • Butcher & Blade def. Brick Aldridge & Cole Karter
  • Ryan Nemeth and Cezar Bononi try to get JD Drake into some new fashion, offering up some mesh tops. Drake isn’t having any of it, but when pushed JD Drake says that he is more than capable of being able to pull off a sexy look and takes the clothes to prove them wrong.
  • Sonny Kiss def. Jake Manning. After the match, Sonny talks about how he came here to shake ass and kick ass and that the games are over.
  • Evil Uno, Stu Grayson & Ten def. Jay Lyon, Mildas Black & Ken Broadway
  • Billy Gunn def. Andrew Palace. Billy calls out QT for Dynamite tonight.
  • Dante Martin def. Fuego Del Sol
  • Diamante def. Queen Aminata
  • Varsity Blonds def. Hayden Backlund & Kit Sackett
  • Max Caster def. Five
  • Will Hobbs def. Baron Black
  • PAC def. Dean Alexander
  • Shida talks about how she is the longest reigning women’s champion. She then talks about Tay. She says Tay is talented and that she will be champion, but not yet. Tay talks about how she has formed a bond with -1 since he reminds her of her sister back in Brazil. She also says that Shida may be underestimating her.
  • Christian talks about what it’s like to be a workhorse. We get cuts of Taz asking Christian to join Team Taz. Powerhouse Hobbs says “you talk about coming to AEW to win championships, but I did too.” He says what a better way to make a name for himself than hurting Christian.
  • Jungle Boy talks about how he’s undefeated in singles competition in 2021, but in the end, he acknowledges that that’s just numbers. Because once you’re in the ring those numbers don’t matter. He respects Darby but more than anything he wants to win.

Twitter Happenings and Misc

  • On IMPACT’s preview of Rebelleion, multiple people talk about how big it is that there is a title vs. title match across promotions. Don talks about how Rich Swann has trained talent but Kenny has natural talent. Rich talks about how he’s overcome diversity as well as how proud he is to be on the list of other IMPACT title holders.
  • We also had a press conference for the Swann/Omega title match.
  • Britt Baker continues to point out that she is going to earn a title shot by rising in the rankings to the number one slot.
  • QT had a response to Billy Gunn’s statement on Dark.
  • Trent called Penta out.
  • Taz wants it known that he does not talk for the members of his team, that he does a lot more behind the scenes.
  • The Bucks once again have a new bio.

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