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All Things All Elite: April 28th, 2021

Pro Wrestling

All Things All Elite: April 28th, 2021

Catch up on IMPACT’s Rebellion PPV, Dark, Elevation and more before tonight’s AEW Dynamite!

Good afternoon, All Elite Wrestling fans! We had a pretty relaxed week in the world of AEW online content with the one big exception of the IMPACT Rebellion, where Kenny became IMPACT World Champion. While none of the things happening on Dark Elevation were of any real consequence this week, we did get some interesting interactions worth looking at. This week’s Road To… was also pretty good with a lot of Best Friends doing what they do best, just hanging out and cutting promos. So go ahead check that out as well as everything else, and enjoy Dynamite tonight!

Being The Elite

  • The Bucks and Good Brothers get ready for their entrance. They then join Nakazawa, Kenny and Don in the trailer. Cut to the segment from last week where Mox rams the trailer with his truck and the group of them all running away.
  • The Dark Order hang out and Stu realizes that he’s sitting where Anna always sits. Hangman comes out angry that the Dark Order didn’t come out fast enough. They then inform Hangman that John is in intensive care because they had to cut off 12 inches of his arm. The group wonders where they will get 12 inches to add back on. They then realize that Five’s new enlarged penis is big enough to take 12 inches off. Five protests.
  • The Bucks stop Cutler in the hall and say they feel a bit guilty so they give him presents. They give him the face mask we saw last week and give Cutler an Elite jacket that says ‘Young Boy’ on the back.
  • Peter Avalon runs into Leva Bates and seems genuine when he asks how she’s doing. Suddenly Cezar Bononi walks in and Peter starts making fun of Leva. Leva walks out and Peter is left looking deflated.
  • Cutler walks into the Dark Order’s hangout and asks Stu where the rest of the gang is. Stu says that he is going to hunt down Matt Hardy’s faction and beat them up. He is about to walk out when he looks at Anna’s empty spot, looks confused for some reason, then keeps walking.
  • In the hall Anna walks past and Stu sees her out of the corner of his eye. Again, he’s confused — maybe we are supposed to think Stu is seeing things? Stu turns around and starts to follow where he thought Anna went and immediately runs into Abadon. Terrified, he and Cutler run away.
  • Nyla and Vickie talk to Ryzin about his issue with the Viagra he took. He tells them he eventually got medicine from Luther to help him out. He concludes by saying that the entire experience has given him an idea for stealing more stuff. 
  • Good Brothers and Young Bucks are hanging out again. Seemingly a shoot conversation where Matt talks about accidentally sending a screenshot of his bank account around.
  • Quick shot to Cutler sweeping up glass from the trailer/Mox collision.

AEW Dark: Elevation

  • Fenix def. Chuck Taylor. Chuck got in some good offense at first and except for a couple times maintained control. It was looking good for Chuck when Alex came out to interrupt the match and most likely talk some more smack. Orange came out as well. Lots of refs came out in anticipation of what might happen when Fenix got a surprise roll up. Statlander came out to check up on Chuck after.
  • Ryan Nemeth def. Ryzin. Nemeth pretty much dominated the match with Ryzin getting in some hits here and there. Nemeth showed off and bragged during the entire thing.
  • Orange Cassidy def. Dean Alexander. Normal Orange antics for a minute before Orange got the win with an Orange punch.
  • Avalon, Nemeth, and Bononi all wait for JD Drake to come out with his new clothes on (following up from last week). JD Drake comes out with a lace see-through slip, declaring that he can make it work (and honestly he kind of does). They all declare they’re going to the club together.
  • The Acclaimed def. Liam Gray & Adrian Alanis. The Acclaimed control most of the match, keeping Liam from making a tag. Adrian finally tags in and was able to get some hits in but a miscommunication between Liam and Adrian during another tag leads to Liam getting pinned.
  • Five and Alex Reynolds talk about their match coming up. Reynolds says Ethan and Sky bitch and moan all the time and tonight they’re going to give them something else to cry about: a loss.
  • Nick Comoroto def. VSK. VSK gets a drop kick before the bell but that does nothing to help since Comoroto absolutely squashes him.
  • Rising star this week is Leyla Hirsch. She talked about how she was adopted from Russia. She talked about how she excelled in sports. She talks about how when she was 14 she got into actual wrestling in high school and was the only girl on the team. She started professional wrestling when she got out of high school.
  • Leyla Hirsch & Ryo Mizuanmi def. Diamante & Amber Nova. Ryo once again being amazing in this match. Amber gets destroyed but her bumps are excellent. Ryo and Leyla control the whole time until Leyla gets the pin on Amber. 
  • Page and Sky talk about what their tag team should be called. Scorpio suggests the name should be “Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky”. Ethan suggests “Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page”. Dasha asks about their match tonight. Scorpio and Ethan gush about how great the other one is. 
  • Kris Statlander def. Tesha Price. Pretty much a squash match through and through. The Best Friends celebrating together after was enduring and fun, though.
  • Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page def. Alex Reynolds & Five. Scorpio spends the start of the match showing off and bragging, which backfires, giving Alex control of the start of the match. Ethan tags in and Five is able to control him. After some help from Sky, though, the match swings in favor of Sky and Page. Page ends up getting the win.
  • Big Swole & Red Velvet def. Nyla Rose & Madi Wrenkowski. Nyla comes out with Madi and bosses her around with her entrance. Madi is obviously very intimidated. Big Swole has a new haircut and comes out in all black, looking extremely cool. It was a short match, ending with Nyla getting annoyed with Madi and just powerbombing her for Red Velvet to pin.
  • Matt Sydal def. Joey Janela.

AEW Dark

  • The Acclaimed def. Fuego Del Sol & D3
  • Sydal Brothers def. David Ali & Aaron Frye
  • Andrew Palace def. Dante Martin
  • Varsity Blonds def. Duke Davis & Ganon Jones
  • Matt Hardy cut a promo with the rest of the HFO. Matt says that the HFO would have won titles if it wasn’t for the Dark Order. Matt says the Dark Order are idiots. Matt says he’s going to embarrass the Dark Order so much they leave AEW.
  • Brian Cage def. Marty Casaus 
  • Leyla Hirsch def. Renee Michelle
  • Lance Archer def. Jake St. Patrick
  • Ten, Uno, and Stu cut a counter promo. Evil Uno says that the HFO have done enough shenanigans and they are tired of it. Uno says that tonight The Dark Order will be victorious.
  • Diamante def. Raychell Rose
  • Lee Johnson def. Will Allday. After the match, QT Marshall attacks Lee Johnson. Dustin runs in to save Johnson. Ogogo, Solow, and Comoroto run in as well.
  • Penelope Ford def. Ashley D’Amboise
  • Colt Cabana def. Cole Karter 
  • KiLynn King def. Dani Jordyn
  • SCU def. Liam Gray & Adrian Alanis
  • Evil Uno, Stu Grayson, & Ten def. Private Party & Blade

Road To Dynamite

  • Kris Statlander strings together a flurry of obscenities calling Penelope out. Penelope responds by reminding everyone she was the one who injured Kris and she can do it again.
  • The Best Friends talk about Penta and that cheap shot he hit Trent with. Trent says he, just like Kris, will hide in a claw machine for months until he pops out and hits him. Chuck follows up with how they’re going to hide in another cake just like they did for the wedding. It will be a wedding cake, or a birthday cake, or just some kind of cake.
  • Darby talks about how he wanted to pay tribute to Brodie Lee so he gave John Silver a match. He didn’t want to win by John dislocating his shoulder, so he challenges the Dark Order to another match. Ten talks about what Brodie means to him and what the TNT Championship would mean to the Dark Order if they had it again.

Twitter Happenings and Misc

  • On IMPACT’s PPV Rebellion, Kenny Omega defeated Rich Swann to become the IMPACT World Champion.
  • The Young Bucks have a new pinned tweet. It’s what you think it is.
  • QT Marshall bemoans the lack of appreciation he gets.
  • Statlander with an amazingly brutal tweet about tonight’s match.
  • Santana tweets out a brief but really cool 30 second video declaring that Proud and Powerful is no longer playing nice.
  • Sonny has some thoughts on how Lance Archer should behave.

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