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Hellions #11
Marvel Comics

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‘Hellions’ #11 closes the door on the Arcade plot

Hellions #11 is a bit more directionless than the series usually is, though it still provides a wholly enjoyable adventure.

Zeb Wells and Steven Segovia’s Hellions has been the unexpected darling of the current era, bringing in underused characters and creating a lovable cast with them. Last monthHellions dove into some darker territory which worked in its favor. This month, they continue down that rabbit hole to slightly less successful degrees.

The unfortunate part of Hellions #11 is that a lot of it just doesn’t feel necessary. Last month’s issue did the psychological horror aspects so well and spread it across the team to give everyone a chance to shine. This week, the mindscape feels less…linear? Kwannon and Greycrow, two shining characters of this series, don’t really feel like their stories in the mindscape have a point this week.

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In last month’s issue, everyone’s little scenes had a point. Greycrow’s touched on his desire to be recognized as a good person, dealing with his guilt over his involvement in the mutant massacre. Kwannon dealt with trauma surrounding her daughter — it was a great way to get into their heads. This week’s scenes don’t really have that same punch.

Kwannon, the undeniable breakout character of this series (and maybe even this era as a whole) finally gets her true moment to shine this issue when she breaks out of Arcade’s little mental prison and attacks Mastermind.

Hellions #11

Image: Marvel Comics

This might be the best part of the issue, not only because of Kwannon taking the starring role in this plot she was always meant to have, but because it was the first real signifier that the action had come. As far as lead characters go, Hellions couldn’t ask for a more interesting one than Kwannon.

Mister Sinister’s got a messed up speech pattern because of some damage he took to the jaw — it’s a cute shtick at first, but it really wears on you the more you read it. It becomes especially irksome when he’s explaining the intricacies of his plan to Kwannon, who had just broken free. Sinister’s plotting in itself is interesting, however, and gives this issue more of a purpose.

Kwannon’s final scenes are pretty interesting, giving her some legwork for the future plots surrounding her child. While the rest of the team celebrates, Kwannon is forced to deal with the harsh truth of their situation — and it’s clear it’s starting to really weigh on her. The promise of more Kwannon-led stories is extremely exciting, especially as Hellions continues to delve into Sinister’s continuing misdeeds.

Hellions #11 is a bit directionless at times for a series that’s been so plot-driven thus far. Its shining moments lie in Sinister’s scheming and Kwannon’s continued importance in the series. Wells’ writing is punchy and entertaining while Segovia’s pencils make each panel beautiful. While the Arcade plot has met its end for now, it’s clear Kwannon’s plot with Sinister and her daughter is only just beginning.

Hellions #11
‘Hellions’ #11 closes the door on the Arcade plot
Hellions #11
Hellions #11's shining moments lie in Sinister's scheming and Kwannon's continued importance in the series.
Reader Rating5 Votes
Kwannon has emerged as a true breakout star not just in Hellions but in the new era as a whole
Kwannon's continued importance bodes well for the series
Sinister's scheming is the long term plot that keeps building suspense
The dreamscape sequences feel a bit less necessary and directionless this time around.

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