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Rorschach #12
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‘Rorschach’ #12 review: The finale is here

The year-long maxiseries concludes. Are these the answers you wanted?

Year-long maxi-series are demanding. You have to hold onto the reveals and clues for quite a long time and try not to lose the excitement you had a month ago.  I would highly recommend if you have the time, before you read Rorschach #12, go and get your back issues of the rest of the series and re-read them.  Revisit the previous eleven months and watch what our Detective does.  Ask yourself who would you side with more, Laura “the Kid” Cummings or Presidential Candidate Turley.  If you do side with one of them, then ask yourself, “why?”

With those questions in mind, let’s get into the final issue of Rorschach.  If I look at the issue by itself, I am pleased with the art by Jorge Fornes and Dave Stewart.  They have been fantastic and consistent throughout this series.  I appreciated hiding more information in the background for you to seek to enjoy a scene truly.  Making that connection, I also really appreciate Tom King for adding details like history and real-world links to the story and getting that extra dose of realism added to the appeal of this story for me.  Now the book, since the start, has been political, so be ready for that.

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'Rorschach' #12 review: The finale is here
DC Comics

Jorge and Dave use their panels to foreshadow what is coming up, and if you’re lucky to catch it at the start, it will accelerate the page.  Even if you don’t, you can always go back to the panel and see the moment build up with those clues.

I’m going to SPOIL some, but I’ll keep to a minimum as best as I can:

When our Detective gets into Turley’s office, there is an exchange, and the Detective asks to take off his coat.  At that moment, I knew things would get bloody, and sure enough, they did.  I appreciate that, and it reinforces that nothing drawn or shown is wasted in the art. 

Tom King even had me wondering about the recording device and the tape within.  I like that he chose that device for a comic book as it is something we can’t experience.  Sure, there could be speech bubbles about what is said, but with previous issues, something about the recording might make it “supernatural” or give it a tropey comic book twist.  I wondered if the tape had a hold on our Detective, but instead, it is a valuable device to help our Detective with his escape.  In the end, with the Detective going to the theater, you’ll appreciate that piece of history connection once you see what he has done. 

'Rorschach' #12 review: The finale is here
DC Comics

Looking at this comic and the series, I found an exciting journey of a Detective tasked with investigating an assassination attempt on Turley, an “evil” politician.  I missed this until recently, but does Turley represent Fox News’ Jonathan Turley? Upon his investigation, the Detective gets in deep and starts to see what our assassins are about; the assassins being Laura “the Kid” Cummings and Wil “Rorschach” Myerson.  The maxi-series is a wild character study, and it does take place in the world of Watchmen, but it is not Watchmen.  I enjoyed getting to know this Detective in the series and seeing the result of his journey. His choice let me down.  I think it could’ve gone a different route, but to Tom King’s credit, he created a story that captured my attention and entertained me.

Rorschach #12
‘Rorschach’ #12 review: The finale is here
Rorschach #12
The conclusion is here, and it will polarize fans, but you need to think about what is happening and ask yourself...what do you see? How do you really feel about our Detective, Laura, and Turley? Isn't that the point of a Rorschach test after all?
Reader Rating4 Votes
When you read this, let some time settle and then analyze what you read. I appreciate the drama of the characters and I also appreciate the conversation that the series will bring with others' interpretations.
Jorge Fornes and Dave Stewart are amazing! They crafted some wild visuals in this series and need to team up again as soon as possible!
Tom King created some deep characters in the world of Watchmen and had some wild layers to them, keeps you guessing.
Overall I was entertained and the book gave me lots to analyze throughout the read. There are some great links to the real world.
If you like thinking about pathos, logos, and ethos this will be right up your alley.
The story is a good read overall, but I am wondering why the Watchmen branding was needed since it wasn't Watchmen? This happens in their world but isn't their players
I need more to understand why Turley is "evil" enough for the Detective's actions
While I liked the Detective I think it would've been better had he made his own choices and maybe even stayed on a better path
While there are those great links to the real world I do wish they would've paid off more
If you want a clear cut end, then you might be let down

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