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AIPT's most anticipated comics of (early) 2022

Comic Books

AIPT’s most anticipated comics of (early) 2022

The titles that our staff thinks will make 2022 mostly bearable.

A new year is a weird thing. Technically speaking, time is a ceaseless march of brutality and beauty (pardon the terrible slam poetry), and thus any kind of segmentation is weird. But there’s no escaping the boundless hope and optimism that these first few weeks of January represent — as if we really can turn it all around despite those bad vibes and awful news being just a calendar’s page away.

So, we choose to look forward with positivity, and for comics fans, that means looking forward to the year’s biggest releases. Whether from the Big Two, or an indie darling, these are the books that have our staff hoping for more greatness in 2022. And since sharing’s great even if we’re still 352 days from Christmas, be sure to let us know your own picks.

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Let’s do this, 2022…

– Chris Coplan, AIPT Comics Editor

Ben Reilly: Spider-Man #1

Written by J.M. DeMatteis/Art by David Baldeón

AIPT's most anticipated comics of (early) 2022

We’re going back to the ’90s Clone Saga, but this time with a better focus. J.M. DeMatteis and David Baldeon return to Ben Reilly’s first time as Spider-Man, exploring some “unlocked memories” as Spidey Ben deals with a series of possibly connected murders in the Big Apple. Without all the mandates from the previous editorial, I think they’ll give us some high-quality, sensational action and drama. [Due Out 1/19]

– Christopher Franey

Silver Surfer: Rebirth #1

Written by Ron Marz/Art by Ron Lim

AIPT's most anticipated comics of (early) 2022

As a kid, few books had as magnetic a pull on me as Silver Surfer — perhaps because it was a book I managed to get a lot of despite living in the middle of nowhere. Or perhaps because of its embrace of insane, abstract concepts as a matter of fact. Big, epic, and oddly human, most of that 1987 run of the series felt special within the scope of the Marvel Universe. Lucky for me (and kids like me), the power team of Ron Lim and Ron Marz are popping in to tell a quick tale of the era. There are few other books I’d rather revisit. [Due Out 1/19]

– Colin Moon

Angel #1

Written by Christopher Cantwell/Art by Daniel Bayliss

AIPT's most anticipated comics of (early) 2022

The one controversial opinion I cling to is that Angel is better than Buffy. Does that make the latter any less groundbreaking and amazing? No, it just means that Angel always felt more inventive and playful — like Buffy but without as many glaring flaws. So I’m super jazzed for writer Christopher Cantwell to tackle the (greatest) vampire with a soul, with a story focusing on Angel and Cordelia as monster hunters and stars of Detective TV. There’s so much potential here — more puppets, heaps of Angel/Spike banter, and the always lovable Lorne (!) — and this could be a great new chapter for the franchise. [Due Out 1/19]

– Chris Coplan

Marauders #1 Annual

Written by Steve Orlando/Art by Creees Lee

AIPT's most anticipated comics of (early) 2022

My most anticipated new comic of 2022 is Steve Orlando’s upcoming run of Marauders, starting with the annual. Seeing the new team members come together, and the Brimstone Love villain on the cover from X-Men 2099, is completely fascinating to me and I cannot wait to see where Orlando takes my favorite team this year. The announcement of Cassandra Nova joining the fray sent me for a spin, so I need lots of justification as to why she is now helping the good guys. Needless to say, all this shock value has paid off because of all the new titles coming to the X-Men line-up, Marauders is the one I’m looking forward to the most. [Due Out 1/26]

– Chandler Poling

Sabretooth #1

Written by Victor LaValle/Art by Leonard Kirk

AIPT's most anticipated comics of (early) 2022

You may know Victor LaValle from horror-fantasy mish-mash novels like The Devil in Silver and The Changeling. He’s certainly an interesting fit for a proper Sabretooth series, a character that could be a horror baddie or a supervillain depending on your take. And based on the solicitation — exploring what happened as Sabretooth spent time in the Pit — a proper mainstream horror title could be a doozy. [Due Out 2/2]

– Chris Coplan

Nightwing #89

Written by Tom Taylor/Art by Bruno Redondo

AIPT's most anticipated comics of (early) 2022

Nightwing has been a great series and a way to delve deeper into the DCU’s most charming himbo. Superman: Son of Kal-El, similarly, has been a powerful start to Jonathan Kent’s own superhero career. So, what happens when they crossover? A story about Nightwing returning the favor to Superman to act as a mentor for his inexperienced, highly impatient son. It’s bound to be a great new chapter to both series, and a poignant story about the raw humanity that exists in these larger-than-life superhero tales. [Due Out 2/15]

– Chris Coplan

Iron Fist #1

Written by Alyssa Wong/Art by Michael YG

AIPT's most anticipated comics of (early) 2022

Sure, not everyone loves the idea of replacing Danny Rand as Iron Fist. (Like, this guy is especially worked up about the news.) But sometimes a fresh start can be good for a character, and just because a mysterious new Iron Fist emerges doesn’t mean we’re done with exploring a newly de-powered Danny Rand. If this is at all like The Immortal Iron Fist — which greatly expanded the Iron Fist canon — then this could be a great entry. Sorry, guy on the internet. [Due Out 2/16]

– Chris Coplan

Ghost Rider #1

Written by Benjamin Percy/Art by Cory Smith

AIPT's most anticipated comics of (early) 2022

Ghost Rider returns with a new #1 in February, and it looks to be bringing the emotions and pain in big supply. With the original solicitation, Johnny Blaze lives in a nightmare with the perfect life and family — but if you know Blaze, he has already lost his family. Benjamin Percy and Cory Smith bring Vengeance back! [Due Out 2/23]

– Christopher Franey

Fox and Hare #1

Written by Jonathan Tsuei/Art by Stacey Lee

AIPT's most anticipated comics of (early) 2022

I’m a sucker for comics that play with ideas of dystopia through colorful and clean art, and Vault’s upcoming series Fox and Hare fits the bill. Not only does the art look stunning, but the concept of Asian creators using a cast of Asian characters to reclaim the cyberpunk genre is incredibly cool. To top it off, it reminds me of my all-time favorite comic, Moth & Whisper — another sleek, dystopian Robin Hood-type story. The pandemic delayed the release of the comic by four months, but it also led the creators to fine-tune the intricacies of their story. Fox and Hare is so promising I’d wait another four more months, but I’m hoping its late February date actually sticks. [Due Out 2/23]

– Madeleine Chan

Naomi: Season Two #1

Written by Brian Michael Bendis and David F. Walker/Art by Jamal Campbell

AIPT's most anticipated comics of (early) 2022

This feels like a big book. The first “season” of Naomi was a genuine accomplishment: a new and engaging hero in the halls of DC that spoke to older and newer fans alike. But the creative team aren’t ready to rest on their laurels, and season two promises to expand Naomi’s place in the DCU as well as tackle the mystery of her powers. Is another book a cash-grab for the forthcoming CW show? Yeah, but it’s one we can accept readily given the sheer joy of this book. [Due Out 3/8]

– Chris Coplan

Superman: Son of Kal-El #9

Written by Tom Taylor/Art by Bruno Redondo


Like Nightwing #89, this one is going to be smack ya right in the feels. [Due Out 3/8]

– Chris Coplan

Little Monsters #1

Written by Jeff Lemire/Art by Dustin Nguyen

AIPT's most anticipated comics of (early) 2022

My most anticipated series of the year has to be Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen’s Little Monsters #1. It’s a vampire story that’s not about the horror, but as Lemire puts it, it’s about the experiences of kids who “live an endless life of innocence and games and childhood.” Lemire and Nguyen only make magic when they work together, and this will be more of that and then some. [Due Out 3/2]

– David Brooke

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