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X-Men Monday #144 - Valentine's Day Special

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X-Men Monday #144 – Valentine’s Day Special

Plus, 3 eXclusive May 2022 cover reveals as an eXtra Valentine’s Day treat!

Welcome, X-Fans, to another uncanny edition of X-Men Monday at AIPT!

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day! We’re 144 editions into X-Men Monday and quickly approaching our milestone 150th installment — we wouldn’t have gotten this far without support from our loyal readers. Thank you!

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So, how do you say thanks to the eXtraordinary X-Men Monday reader in your life? An X-Men-themed Valentine’s card? A heart-shaped box of chocolates? A Weezer mix CD? (Kidding, kidding!)

Then I landed on the perfect present: We check in with more than 20 of your favorite X-Creators — along with a few friends of the column who have strong feelings for Marvel’s mutants — to learn about their favorite X-Romances, X-Crushes and more. Buckle up — it gets pretty ridiculous!

AIPT: Welcome, everybody! Who is your all-time favorite X-Couple — or — what is your all-time favorite X-Romance?

Jordan D. White (X-Men Senior Editor): The couple that is most engrained in my heart, the one that would cause me the most pain if they broke up, is definitely Meggan and Brian Braddock. Now… I do understand that I read the books with them getting together at a young age, so I am not unaware of how problematic parts of their relationship have been. But I love them together, and the fact that they went through all that and came out with what seems to be a really loving and healthy relationship makes me happy. So if you really want to make me sad, you go ahead and break them up.

X-Men Monday #144 - Valentine's Day Special

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Kieron Gillen (Immortal X-Men Writer): Namor and his own reflection.

Leah Williams (The Trial of Magneto Writer): Kyle and Northstar are divine together.

David Baldeón (X-Factor Artist): Sam Guthrie and Lila Cheney. I don’t know, I just love those two together.

Clayton Cowles (Letterer): Nathaniel Essex and Mister Sinister.

Jordan Blum (Spider-Bot Infinity Comic Writer): Longshot and Dazzler. One’s a pop princess who once took down Galactus and the other is the hollow-boned star of all my favorite Mojoverse productions. They’re mutantkind’s first celebrity couple and they both have equally great hair.

Javier Pina (X-Men Artist): Rogue and Gambit. Can’t help it, I got emotionally involved while drawing them kissing.

X-Men Monday #144 - Valentine's Day Special

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Israel Silva (Colorist): Gambit and Rogue, because of the great chemistry they had and they were the coolest of them all!

Declan Shalvey (X-Men Unlimited Artist): This is a very ‘basic’ answer to have, but it’s got to be Rogue and Gambit. They both had sexy accents (‘cherie,’ ‘shugah,’ etc.) but the added tragedy of Rogue not being able to get close to Remy no matter how much she wanted to be with him. And I mean, he was irresistible, am I right…?

Pepe Larraz (X-Men Artist): Rogue and Gambit. I’d love to say Toad and Husk but I’m a classic.

Andrea Broccardo (X-Men: Curse of the Man-Thing Artist): It’s a great question! There are so many awesome X-Couples that I love, but if I have to choose, Rogue and Gambit are absolutely on the top of my list! I love the badass couple, especially the ’90s version! I love their love story, they can’t touch each other, nor a kiss, but their relationship is full of passion! If I have to choose a second option, my vote goes to Logan and Jean Grey ( sorry, Scott!).

Steve Orlando (Marauders Writer): I’m partial of course to my own work with Somnus and Akihiro. But I do also love the classic persevering romance of Rogue and Gambit, characters intent on loving each other despite huge obstacles both internal and external. And that’s something that I think is relatable across multiple life experiences. With all the forces of the world against them, they’re intent on building and continuing, a loving relationship. And I have to mention Apocalypse and Genesis here too, such high mythic romance between these two.

X-Men Monday #144 - Valentine's Day Special

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Steve Foxe (X-Men ’92: House of XCII Writer): I’m not saying it was successful or even particularly healthy, but Storm and Forge always felt right to me. Especially when he’s in those short shorts… Then again, is any man good enough for Storm?

Si Spurrier (Legion of X Writer): Oof. I’m supposed to say Blindfold and Legion, but the fruits of poisonous boughs are intoxicating. Betsy and Fantomex? Sinister and Sinister? Namor and Emma? (Actually, *any* allegedly powerful man who thinks he can challenge or change Emma, we love to see it.) We want drama and sweat, not sunsets and getting old together. I’m especially story-pro anyone who’d willingly shatter the universe, annihilate a populace or break a timeline out of love. So it’s gotta be Mystique and Destiny. Devotion like thunder.

Ariana Maher (Letterer): Rictor and Shatterstar. I married my best friend, so think it’s great when your romantic partner is also the No. 1 person you want to hang out with.

X-Men Monday #144 - Valentine's Day Special

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Tini Howard (Knights of X Writer): Shatterstar and Rictor in X-Factor was the first time I gasped reading a kiss on panel, so they’ll always have a very special place in my heart.

Christopher “Dead Clone of Madrox” Cantwell (Iron Man Writer — Marrying Tony Stark to Hellcat so Emma Frost doesn’t have to): Bryan Cox’s performance in X-Men 2 and me. “WHEN I COME BACK I WANT THESE DOORS OPEN ALL THE WHEEY.” Seriously, have the X-Men ever gone against anybody better than proto-Logan Roy?

Mark Basso (Editor): Oh, that’s so tough. Jean and Cyclops is probably my classic fav.

X-Men Monday #144 - Valentine's Day Special

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Alex Segura (Marvel’s Voices: Comunidades Writer): Jean and Scott. I just love their dynamic and how they’ve persevered despite, well, everything — including death!

Russell Dauterman (X-Men Red Cover Artist): Jean and Scott! I love how they complement each other and work together, especially in the stories surrounding their wedding. The Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix is a great highlight of that — and the Thanksgiving/football issue where Jean proposes is one of my favorite comics.

Lucas Werneck (Immortal X-Men Artist): Jean Grey and Scott Summers (and Logan).

Tom Muller (Designer): I’ve always found the romantic chaos that Logan experiences made for great stories. The Scott-Jean-Logan triangle that never seemed to go anywhere. The tragic relationship with Mariko… Its never been clear-cut with him.

Anthony Oliveira (The Last Annihilation: Wiccan & Hulkling Writer): I think the only true answer for favorite X-Couple has to be Xavier and Magneto; it is their great relationship and ideological break-up(s)/reconciliation(s) around which the whole of the X-Universe’s intra-community conflict spirals and whose emotional fallout defines the landscape of mutant politics. 

Mutants may be children of the atom, but they are also the ideological latch-key children of Charles and Erik’s catastrophic divorce. Romantic or not (and they do seem to end up cradling each other on-panel a lot…) few love affairs in fiction have been so epic, in every sense. 

The unrequited first crush of Bobby Drake on the high-flying Angel has always broken my heart, and I have always thought the relationship between Havok and Madelyne Pryor was uniquely beautiful — two “also-rans” who found each other just one sunrise too late, who might have saved each other if only the weight of the world had not sank them like a stone.

Al Ewing (X-Men Red Writer): I think it’s probably Havok and the Goblin Queen. There’s a kind of absolute chaos BDSM energy to that one which I like. And it’s very Summers Brothers — Scott’s clearly a sub, so obviously Havok has to be EVEN SUBBIER.

X-Men Monday #144 - Valentine's Day Special

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

AIPT: OK, enough about X-Couples — let’s talk about all the single mutants. Who, in your opinion, is Krakoa’s most eligible mutant?

Russell Dauterman: Monet! Didn’t Jubilee say M’s power is basically that she’s perfect?

Pepe Larraz: Definitely Monet.

Lucas Werneck: Penance.

X-Men Monday #144 - Valentine's Day Special

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Tini Howard: Angel. Your mom would be so happy if you brought him home.

Leah Williams: Define “eligible.” Like, single? Because there are loads. But single, emotionally available, AND void of baggage? Uh… it’s like, Tempo, Eye-Boy, and Angel. That’s it.

Javier Pina: Lorna Dane! Smart and fresh, no premarital agreement, please!

Israel Silva: Polaris.

Tom Muller: Cypher. I mean, someone who speaks every language is a catch in my book.

Alex Segura: My good pal, Sunspot!

Clayton Cowles: If Emma Frost isn’t the Mr. Darcy of Krakoashire, then I don’t know who is. No, I haven’t read Pride & Prejudice.

X-Men Monday #144 - Valentine's Day Special

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Jordan D. White: “Most eligible” is a weird term that I don’t REALLY understand? But I will take a crack at it. It’s gotta be Emma Frost, right? I mean — she is an INCREDIBLY powerful person on Krakoa. It’s difficult to think of someone with more sway than her. She’s also rich financially outside of Krakoa. And obviously, she is gorgeous. So, whoever was lucky enough to land in a relationship with her would be a winner on all fronts… though I think it’s not a position easily won.

Steve Foxe: The hot-headed Sunfire, of course. Despite being around (when he wants to be) since the early days of the franchise, Shiro Yoshida’s most notable romance was probably a brief flirtation with Firestar in the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends cartoon. He’s a national hero, a recovered Horseman, and an electoral X-Man. Let’s get this man a date!

Steve Orlando: Let’s go with Doop here. Everyone loves that mysterious creature at the end of a bar or smoke-filled room, that you just know is going to get you into trouble. But you find yourself pursuing them anyway.

Christopher “Dead Clone of Madrox” Cantwell: Does Pyro still have that skull tattoo on his face? Because if so, certainly not him. Otherwise, I’d say anyone in one of the cocoon things during the resurrection process, before they turn into an actual person. So much gooey nondescript clump-of-cells potential!

Declan Shalvey: Goldballs. Like, how has no one copped that yet?

David Baldeón: Trevor Hawkins

Ariana Maher: Magik.

X-Men Monday #144 - Valentine's Day Special

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Andrea Broccardo: I absolutely love Magik. Illyana is one of my favorite X-Characters and I love to draw her! I love her innocent expression ( but only on the surface) and the demon that she could release when it’s needed. I love strong women, with strong character. Another one that I absolutely love, is Nightcrawler. He’s good, with a great heart and a lot of faith and hope in the other people. Illyana and Kurt are so different, but similar, two sides of the same coin, strong and determined.

Jordan Blum: Nightcrawler. Dashing, blue and a man of strong convictions. He’s boyfriend material for sure.

Si Spurrier: I mean, objectively it’s Nightcrawler, but he’s going through some stuff. I feel like Pixie’s well overdue some romance. Likewise Freddie Dukes, the Blob. All those evenings polishing glasses in the Green Lagoon, nodding and saying “there there” to super-powerful drunkards getting hysterical about their super-feels. Who’s nodding and saying “there there” to HIM, y’know?

Anthony Oliveira: I’d just point out that Exodus is a super-powerful omega; is devoted, principled, and faithful; hates Nathaniel Essex; and probably knew Eleanor of Aquitaine back in the day. He also has: a) a seat on the Quiet Council, b) shoulders like a moose and luscious beautiful hair, and c) property in the Swiss Alps (it’s a regeneration cave made out of Apocalypse-tech, but still). AND he speaks French and can wear a cape like he was born for it. You could do a lot worse.

Al Ewing: That’s a toughie now that Doug Ramsey’s married. I feel like it’s Kate? I feel like she’s waiting for someone to come along with some cake frosting and a day of activities.

X-Men Monday #144 - Valentine's Day Special

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

AIPT: NeXt up, who is your Krakoan crush? It’s OK, you’re among friends here, we won’t tell them.

Kieron Gillen: C’mon. This is the X-Men. Who isn’t?

David Baldeón: It has to be Storm.

Declan Shalvey: Penance

Javi Pina: Laura Kinney, no doubt.

Leah Williams: Rachel Summers.

Tini Howard: …Rachel Summers.

X-Men Monday #144 - Valentine's Day Special

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Si Spurrier: Chamber. I mean, I don’t know why. What even could you do with the poor dude? But yeah, Chamber.

Lucas Werneck: Colossus, Fabio Medina, Synch, Logan… Etc… etc.

Ariana Maher: Two secret crushes: Kwannon and Greycrow. I just want to enjoy John’s home-cooked meals and be fiercely protected by Kwannon in a life or death situation. Is that too much to ask?

Jordan Blum: Boom-Boom. Because she’s the absolute greatest. Obviously.

Clayton Cowles: Is Famine back yet? Haha, I’m just kidding, it’s not Famine. How about Pestilence, is she back yet?

Russell Dauterman: Banshee! Especially when drawn by Joe Mad 🙂

X-Men Monday #144 - Valentine's Day Special

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Anthony Oliveira: While all the world around him pursues conflict and war, Fabio Medina (AKA Egg AKA Goldballs) is big, kind, and gently nurturing his people back into a thriving community. What a good boy.

Andrea Broccardo: Ahahah, I think that I have answered with my previous answer! Illyana Rasputin, aka Magik. We’re talking about a girl that fights with a magical huge sword, that can open portals and teleport herself and people wherever she wants, a girl that can change into demonic form and can summon demons from another plane, called Limbo (oh, she was a sort of Queen here). Isn’t she a girl that someone could fall in love with? 😜

Alex Segura: Magik — she’s such a complex, powerful character. What’s not to love?

Pepe Larraz: I’m totally in love with Magik, but I can’t avoid mentioning Erik’s magnetism.

Israel Silva: Rogue 4ever!

Al Ewing: Forearm was kind of a snack when Valerio drew him. Although as I mentioned, Scott’s clearly a sub, so…

Steve Orlando: Namor’s been on the X-Men, can he get grandfathered in? Barring that let’s be honest, we all know it’s Shatterstar.

X-Men Monday #144 - Valentine's Day Special

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Tom Muller: I’d go with Kate Pryde.

Jordan D. White: After all this time, it is still Kate Pryde. When I first “met” her, she was an older woman. Now, she is WAY too young for me, but she is still my favorite mutant. Smart, funny, brave, driven… what’s not to love?

Steve Foxe: Tail’d, dark blue, and handsome: Mr. Kurt Wagner is the only man for me. BAMF, baby!

Christopher “Dead Clone of Madrox” Cantwell: Anyone who pronounces “mutant” as “muTANT,” where TANT rhymes with “pant.” Does anyone do that on Krakoa? Otherwise, my answer is Polaris’ hair from the ’90s. Can they just grow that in one of the pods? Just the big Vidal Sassoon-quality green mane. And it should be sentient and talk.

X-Men Monday #144 - Valentine's Day Special

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

AIPT: Finally, Glob Herman comes to you for dating advice. What do you tell him?

X-Men Monday #144 - Valentine's Day Special

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Al Ewing: I reject the premise of the question. Glob Herman’s almost definitely in a telepathic polycule of some kind.

Si Spurrier: I’m too busy drowning/digesting in his chest, after attempting the cuddle he so desperately needs, and cannot currently give advice.

Kieron Gillen: It’s what’s on the inside that counts, and luckily everyone can see your insides.

Mark Basso: Be transparent with your feelings.

Ariana Maher: It’s not good to lie. Always be transparent with your partner.

Steve Orlando: Try to be transparent about your needs.

David Baldeón: Honesty is key in all relationships. Be transparent.

Declan Shalvey: “Never lie to your dates, Glob, they can see right through you.”

Christopher “Dead Clone of Madrox” Cantwell: People will love you for what’s inside. Literally.

X-Men Monday #144 - Valentine's Day Special

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Israel Silva: Put on some clothes, dude! And don’t forget to smile!

Lucas Werneck: Use a good perfume, and be yourself! (And mint gum. Always important to have mint gum.)

Jordan Blum: Warn her that you’re flammable on the first date. Waiting could lead to disaster and lots of property damage.

Tom Muller: Don’t put yourself on fire.

Pepe Larraz: “Whatever you do is fine as long as you do not use candles as lighting.”

X-Men Monday #144 - Valentine's Day Special

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Clayton Cowles: The key to any successful relationship is communication. Be honest about what you want, what you don’t want, your needs, and your boundaries. If your special someone can’t meet your criteria (or you can’t meet theirs), then you’re not right for each other, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Alex Segura: Just be yourself, my friend!

Javier Pina: Don’t worry, the universe is HUGE, mate.

Steve Foxe: Avoid dinner dates so prospective paramours can’t watch your digestive system in real time.

Andrea Broccardo: “Never say no, Herman! But I have to tell you, my friend, I love Magik!” But I have to be honest, I think that I’d go on a date with Glob! He’s great!

Tini Howard: Maybe try long-distance, buddy.

X-Men Monday #144 - Valentine's Day Special

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Jordan D. White: Just relax, be yourself, and don’t get hung up on it. Being lovelorn isn’t gonna make you more attractive. You’re more likely to find it when you’re not looking.

Anthony Oliveira: It is as true in finding community as it is in finding romance: there are people who will behold all the things about yourself that you thought were faults and will see in them a beauty you thought impossible. I hope you find them.

Leah Williams: There are two other gelatinous mutants living on the island — Sack and Jelby. Science needs to know about the results of coitus between two or more of you. And I need to know which combination of mutant goo mushing goo will most perfectly upset my editors.

X-Men Monday #144 - Valentine's Day Special

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

AIPT: Personally, I find “goo mushing goo” is always a good note to end on. Everybody — thanks so much for taking part in X-Men Monday’s Valentine’s Day Special! This was absolutely bonkers and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Also, I’ll be sure to get all that advice over to Glob. 

Now, while some comic book websites would consider almost 3,000 words of interview enough of a Valentine’s Day treat for loyal readers, our gratitude over here at X-Men Monday at AIPT simply knows no bounds. So, how about a few eXclusive May cover reveals?

X-Men Monday #144 - Valentine's Day Special

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

X-Men Monday #144 - Valentine's Day Special

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

X-Men Monday #144 - Valentine's Day Special

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

So much romance on display in those covers.

Until neXt time, X-Fans, Happy Valentine’s Day and stay eXceptional!

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