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‘Luck’ review: Star studded animation is a mixed bag

A great cast and sweet story.

There is one central detail about Luck that made me want to see it. This seductive detail that lured me in was the casting of the legend herself, Jane Fonda. I am huge fan of Fonda and I see everything she does. While I enjoyed her scenes a lot and while this new animation does offer up some positives, this really is a very average middle of the road film. The casting is great and there’s an endearing sweetness that’s present, but the story does get a bit dull at several points along the way. This is no Inside Out or Soul but it’s also a far cry from something like Mars Needs Moms.

'Luck' review: Star studded animation is a mixed bag

The two best qualities Luck possesses are both the talented cast members and the sweet nature. Simon Pegg, Eva Noblezada, Jane Fonda, and Whoopi Goldberg all do a very nice job bringing their characters to life. Noblezada is someone I’m unfamiliar with, but her voice work here is impressive and so is her singing. I really enjoyed her short rendition of “Lucky Star” by Madonna. That was one of my favorite scenes, mainly just because I love that song.

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Jane Fonda, like always, really did a great job in her role. What can I say? Jane Fonda can play just about anything, even a magical dragon apparently. Whoopi Goldberg is another star I’m usually a fan of and her voice was a nice fit for her role. The casting decisions were all good ones.

The animation style is also pretty impressive. The visuals are well drawn and there’s a fitting vibrancy to it all. I mean it’s not as impressive as other animations that’s true, but it still has a crispness that satisfies.

'Luck' review: Star studded animation is a mixed bag

The overall nature of Luck is very sweet and that’s another aspect I mostly enjoyed. It’s nice to have that shown onscreen sometimes. The plot details surrounding foster care are endearing and that’s a subject I’m happy to see explored in a family/kid’s films.

I will admit there were several scenes that did elicit a couple awe’s from me. There are adorable bunnies in the land of luck and that’s another nice little detail that I’m sure others will also enjoy.

The final positive detail I want to mention is the relationship formed between the main character Sam and Bob the black cat. This central bond is heartwarming and a delightful plot ingredient.

For all these positives that emerge from this film, there are also several negatives that hold it back. The main downside is that at several points about midway through, Luck loses steam and becomes rather dull. Things do eventually pick back up but there is a definite lull that occurs.

'Luck' review: Star studded animation is a mixed bag

Things get a little lost in the weeds with all the running back and forth to achieve a certain task and the energy slows way down.

The other glaring problem is the lack of a satisfying stream of comedy. There are several moments where comedy and jokes are attempted but most of them are not successful in their endeavors. I always feel like an animated film such as this needs some sufficient comedy that makes both adults and children laugh.

Almost all of the really successful animations of the past have had this. I think if they had put some more effort into better comedic material, it even could have made up for the lull in the plot about halfway through.

At least Luck does end on a positive sweet note. Even though it does have its flaws and it fits comfortably in the “average” category, the final note will most likely make you smile.

Luck is an average animation that offers up a good cast and a sweet story but also possesses a glaring lack of comedic material and a couple plot lulls.


‘Luck’ review: Star studded animation is a mixed bag
Luck features a dazzling cast and is sweet natured but also lacks comedy and has some plot lulls.
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Great voice cast
Sweet natured story
Crisp animation
Plot lulls
Lack of comedy

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