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AEW All Out 2022 full card, start time, predictions

Pro Wrestling

AEW All Out 2022 full card, start time, predictions

AEW will be going All Out in Chicago this Sunday. Find out when, how to watch, and who we think are going to win.

While WWE is over in Cardiff, Wales this weekend for Clash at the Castle, AEW will be presenting their annual Labor Day weekend Chicago showdown, All Out. This show comes at a time when AEW is experiencing what some may consider growing pains, and some fans are feeling unusual emotions toward the company. Namely, trepidation – All Out didn’t even have a world championship match set until halfway through this Wednesday’s Dynamite. However, in true AEW fashion, Tony Khan filled out the now-whopper of a card with several must-see matchups.

How to watch AEW All Out 2022

AEW All Out will be available for purchase on Bleacher Report, Fite, and traditional pay-per-view.

AEW All Out 2022 start time

AEW All Out starts Sunday, September 4 at 8pm ET; however, the Zero Hour pre-show starts at 7.

AEW All Out 2022 full card

Bryan Danielson vs. Chris Jericho

AEW All Out 2022 full card, start time, predictions

Jay: Huh. I’m not sure to be honest. It’s a bit too obvious where Daniel Garcia’s loyalty lies so I can see them swerving us and having Garcia side with Jericho to cost Danielson the match. Plus, it gives him great heat heading into the following Dynamite where he will challenge Wheeler Yuta, a BCC member, for the ROH Pure title. Turning Garcia face now doesn’t have as much value as keeping him a heel so I predict he’ll screw Dragon out of the win.
Winner: Chris Jericho

Darius: I think Garcia does actually believe his loyalties lie with Jericho, and while I thought before this past Dynamite that the story was going to be obvious (Garcia tries to help Jericho but accidentally screws him at All Out, making Danielson win and Jericho betray Garcia), I think they’ve already done that spot. Now, at All Out, I think we’re going to see the opposite. Jericho is going to take Garcia up on his request and try to beat Danielson without cheating, but because Danielson is THE BEST WRESTLER IN THE WORLD, that’s going to fail until Garcia himself cheats for Jericho.
Winner: Chris Jericho (through dubious means)

Shane: I’m going to go for the opposite of my colleagues here and say that Bryan Danielson wins this one. The American Dragon hasn’t had a major PPV win in some time and I personally think he is long overdue. I expect some shenanigans of course, but ultimately Danielson will overcome and the BCC might walk out with a brand new member… hmmm.
Winner: Bryan Danielson

Toni Storm vs. Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. vs. Jamie Hayter vs. Hikaru Shida for the Interim AEW Women’s World Championship

AEW All Out 2022 full card, start time, predictions

Jay: Toni Storm is going to take it. They were already building Toni Storm to take the title off of Thunder Rosa, so despite the latter being unable to compete, there is no deviation in having Storm win the interim title. But yikes, the utter state of the division right now. Rewind the clock a year and Britt Baker was still riding high, we were keenly waiting (and are still waiting) for Jamie Hayter to turn on Britt, and we were all buzzing over the addition of Ruby Soho. And now? This match is here because it has to be and that’s rather sad considering the talent involved.
Winner: Toni Storm

Darius: Though she’s my third-favorite in the match (which isn’t a knock; I just really like Shida and Hayter), I think it’s Toni Time. She was already in the All Out match with Thunder Rosa anyway, and I feel like she would have taken that since, you know, why have Toni lose in back-to-back PPV matches? My biggest fear is Baker takes it, and as I said up top, I’d be down for Hayter winning (for story reasons) and Shida winning (for “she’s awesome” reasons), but Toni Storm makes the most sense to me.
Winner: Toni Storm

Shane: I’m going to take the ‘story reasons’ that Darius mentioned and run with it. I think that it is time Jamie Hayter wins and becomes (interim) AEW Women’s World Champion. Not only that, but I think she pins Dr. Britt Baker to do it. I like the idea of interim champions, but they feel very cookie cutter at this point — defense after defense after defense. While the matches are usually decent with these champions, I think they need a storyline to make it more interesting. Hayter and Baker have been building for a year and this match could be the catalyst to move that program forward. Finally.
Winner: Jamie Hayter

House of Black vs. Darby Allin, Sting, and Miro

AEW All Out 2022 full card, start time, predictions

Jay: House of Black. The House really needs to get their heat back after losing to the Dark Order (as much as I love them) and Miro v. HOB still has legs. Why not continue the build so we can get Miro v. Malakai Black? Plus, it is my sincerest hope that this segues to a storyline where Miro, Darby, and Sting take a road trip across the country to find God and make him answer for Miro losing the TNT title like a year ago and for Starrcade ‘97.
Winner: House of Black

Darius: Someone has to stop the Stinger, and I think it’d be dope to give that honor to Malakai. Darby was talking a lot of trash about Malakai needing Brody more than Brody or Buddy need Malakai, but 1) I saw Malakai win their last PPV match basically 1-vs-3, and 2) I don’t think Darby realizes how out of sorts he’s going to be teaming with Miro. I think Sting takes the L here to protect the monster and the underdog, and then we have Miro go on by himself to eat Buddy Matthews, slap meat with Brody King, and ultimately face the Devil. And, somewhere in there, he fights Julia Hart to a 20-minute draw.
Winner: House of Black

Shane: I’m going to make this one short and sweet. House of Black needs a win. As much as I love Miro, Darby and Sting, they can eat a loss here and not be impacted as much as the House of Black will be. It might be interesting to see a Sting heel turn perhaps? Something new and fresh.
Winners: House of Black

Jade Cargill (c) vs. Athena for the AEW TBS Championship

AEW All Out 2022 full card, start time, predictions

Jay: I’m sorry, we keep trying to make Athena a thing and she’s not a thing. I’m sorry, she’s very talented and marketable but that “it” factor is just not there. Not to mention that this feud has been going on since June-ish I believe and just now we are getting to this. Yeah, Cargill isn’t losing here.
Winner: Jade Cargill

Darius: I’m actually mad that I kind of agree with Jay. I disagree about the “it” factor — it’s not that Athena can’t be a thing — but Athena should have been built up more to this moment. I think Athena very much has “streak ender” potential and have thought so since Asuka in NXT, but she isn’t on TV enough to make this storyline hit, and whenever she is on TV, it’s to try and jump Jade only to end up staring at the lights. We can get to Athena beating Jade, and I think Athena SHOULD beat Jade if Kris Statlander is out. But it’d just feel weird this Sunday.
Winner: Jade Cargill

Shane: I agree with my colleagues here. Athena just doesn’t do it for me. I honestly think that we were building to a Statlander win over Cargill and I was very much on board with that, but Athena has not been given the same chance to shine. I know injuries happen and plans change, but Athena could have been made to look stronger which is by no means her fault, it’s just crappy booking. Because of this, Cargill to retain.
Winner: Jade Cargill

Jungle Boy vs. Christian Cage

AEW All Out 2022 full card, start time, predictions

Jay: Christian via Jungle Boy causing a DQ. Go watch Randy Orton vs. Christian from Money in the Bank 2011. That’s how this match is going to play out. Christian is gonna keep poking, and poking, and poking, and poking, and poking Jungle Boy till he loses control and causes a no-contest or a DQ or whatever to have the story continue forward with the byline being, “OMG Jungle Boy keeps losing his s***.
Winner: Christian

Darius: I actually really like the Jungle Boy DQ idea, and I hate the part of my brain that’s saying “What if Luchasaurus turns on Jungle Boy?” But, despite all of these conventional ideas in my brain leading to the downfall of Mr. Boy, I want to throw my hat in the ring for him. I think we got a potential emotional peak this past Wednesday with Jungle Boy saying he loved Christian and hopes that “the real” Christian is deep in there and not the jerk that’s been taunting him for months now. I’ll admit, I’m not sure where this goes if Christian loses, but I have the same question for if Christian loses months later, either. Christian Cage will adapt as he always does, and I think before he does that, he’ll get his butt kicked by another man who is adapting and evolving as soon as this Sunday.
Winner: Jungle Boy

Shane: Ohhh, I like the idea of a Christian win because of a pissed off Jungle Boy. I haven’t thought of that one. I think that makes a lot of sense actually. But, I am going to go with my gut and say Jungle Boy wins. This is his first big PPV singles match and a loss just doesn’t make sense no matter how it happens. I also kinda feel AEW drags their singles feuds along a little too much and I almost just want to see a blow off and a move in a different direction for both.
Winner: Jungle Boy

Wardlow and FTR vs. Jay Lethal and The Motor City Machine Guns

AEW All Out 2022 full card, start time, predictions

Jay: Everyone in 2007 is losing their minds right now. Jay Lethal and The MCMG are going to be featured well on a PPV!?! How did this get past Russo and Jeff Jarrett? Is Dixie OK with this? Real talk, why are two of AEW’s hottest acts fighting Jay Lethal? All the love to the MCMG but this match should be a tag match between MCMG and FTR. Get Jay Lethal out of there and find something better for Wardlow to do.
Winner: Wardlow and FTR

Darius: I’m the biggest Pinnacle mark in the world, so I’m glad to see three of my boys back together. I think it’s cool to see Jay Lethal and the Motor City Machine Guns together, and I’m actually excited to see this go down at a pay-per-view because it means I can focus on Lethal and MCMG wrestling rather than sit through another weird heel promo from Lethal and Sanjay. This match is sure to be fun, it’s here to give the billion-belt stable a win on PPV, and I hope it ends with Wardlow powerbombing Satnam Singh.
Winners: Wardlow and FTR

Shane: The heels (House of Black) are winning the first trios match so the babyfaces are winning this one. Easy math.
Winners: Wardlow and FTR

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Wheeler Yuta vs. Penta El Zero Miedo vs. Rey Fénix vs. Rush vs. Andrade El Idolo vs. Dante Martin vs. TBD (Casino Ladder Match)

AEW All Out 2022 full card, start time, predictions

Jay: We get these ladder matches with a surprise entrant so much I’ve lost the ability to care. As fun as these matches are, the AEW powers-that-be spam this booking move so much it’s hard for me to care. It’s not gonna be Andrade because AEW doesn’t want to promote Andrade for some reason. Claudio and Wheeler already have belts. Rush just got here. Dante’s not there yet. And while I feel like it can always be Penta or Rey Fenix, it’s never Penta or Rey Fenix. That leaves us with the surprise entrant who I hope will be Samoa Joe so we can have a 2022 version of Samoa Joe vs. Punk.
Winner: Samoa Joe

Darius: I was ready to come in here and say with 100% confidence that Rush is going to win because he’s a fresh new challenger and was a main event player in Ring of Honor, and then I remembered that he already lost to Jon Moxley. I’d like for it to be Wheeler so we could potentially continue his series with Moxley for the championship, but he just won on Dynamite, and we all know the go-home show rule. Dante Martin is my dark horse, but not an obvious pick. I’d love for the Joker to be Shawn Spears, but as chaotic as that would be, it wouldn’t make my choice any easier. I hate to keep on picking the same winners as Jay, but I think I know the Joe-ker, and I think he’s a good match for either potential champion.
Winner: Samoa Joe

Shane: It almost feels that everyone that the Joker could be is either a) already signed so the surprise element is out or b) is already on the show. I would LOVE it if the Joker was MJF, but it won’t be. So I’m going to say the newly debuted W. Morrisey and he will win.
Winner: W. Morrisey

Swerve In Our Glory (c) vs. The Acclaimed for the AEW World Tag Team Championship

AEW All Out 2022 full card, start time, predictions

Jay: I feel so bad for Keith Lee and Swerve. They’re doing fine but damn, what could have been? They could be in Cardiff right now but sigh, this is still a good enough position for them. Anyway, this makeshift tag-team between Swerve and Lee is doing its job which I, hope, will be to put over The Acclaimed. I doubt The Acclaimed will take it because I think TK has a very subconscious phobia when it comes to elevating people, but here’s hoping.
Winner: No one, really, as Lee and Swerve are full of regret right now and The Acclaimed won’t win.

Darius: Man, I’m really hyped for this match because I want to see Anthony Bowens pop off in an actually big match. I think homie is always doing some insane stuff for Rampage crowds, so getting a title match in Chicago? This should be a killer. And with the build, I’d actually say that The Acclaimed are ready for a title push, but SIOG haven’t really had an established reign yet. They shouldn’t be champions forever, but they should at least have one real storyline before losing. Swerve and Lee are winning, but not strictly because they should; it’s kind of because they have to.
Winner: Swerve In Our Glory

Shane: Yo! Listen. I’ve taken the liberty of rewriting the Acclaimed theme song for after Sunday Night.

*clears throat*

The Acclaimed (finally) at the top of the chain. So I bet you know the name. Getting all the fans entertained. The new AEW Tag Team Champions, the Acclaimed. Running in the game and they’re in their own lane. Everybody saying they wanna be the Acclaimed.

Swerve in Our Glory have been a dud as tag champs. Sorry not sorry. It’s time to for them to drop the belts and move on. Keith Lee especially should not be limited to being in a tag team that never took off.
Winners: The Acclaimed

Ricky Starks vs. Powerhouse Hobbs

AEW All Out 2022 full card, start time, predictions

Jay: Let’s put my TK theory to the test. I do think TK will keep rotating these guys around each other for months to put on some great matches but I don’t think he will actually elevate either one. So for right now, it makes more sense of Hobbs to win to keep the feud going.
Winner: Powerhouse Hobbs

Darius: I think Ricky needs to figure out Hobbs before he can beat him. The week after Hobbs turned on him, Ricky tried to jump him and immediately got spinebuster-ed out of the air. I don’t think Starks is going to try to Thesz Press Hobbs again, but I also don’t think wrestling QT Marshall and Aaron Solo is going to prepare Starks for the Powerhouse. Come on, Ricky! Why didn’t you challenge Nick Comoroto 1v1! That was easy practice right there! Until Ricky can stop being emotional and learn to beat a giant without Team Taz turning on them (R.I.P. Brian Cage), Starks isn’t going to take Hobbs down.
Winner: Powerhouse Hobbs

Shane: It is no secret how much I love Ricky Starks. He truthfully is one of my favorite performers in AEW. But there is no way that he is beating Powerhouse Hobbs, at least not yet. Does AEW even have a ‘monster heel’ at the moment? I think this role could be filled by Hobbs if done correctly.
Winner: Powerhouse Hobbs

The Elite vs. Dark Order OR Best Friends for the inaugural AEW World Trios Championship

AEW All Out 2022 full card, start time, predictions

Jay: I feel like I’m most excited for this match. I really want Dark Order to take it but that’s not the move they are going to make as Kenny just returned and they need the Young Bucks in the picture to carry this ancillary title lest it dies the fate of the All-Atlantic Title (which is only three months old and being defended on the pre-show). But how do they play this with Hangman? He was wrestling biggest babyface but he IMMEDIATELY cooled off after winning the belt. Why? In my opinion, he’s the best investment in the company. He’s young, charismatic, well spoken and well educated, and can be a fantastic representative for the company that can appeal to several demographics. He should be doing more so, I predict The Elite take this match but there is some sort of reconciliation between Hangman and The Elite and Dark Order giving him their blessing to go back home.
Winner: The Elite

Darius: I’m actually really upset that Hangman is in the tournament now because, as dramatic as it’s going to be to see Hangman vs Omega again at All Out, NOTHING WILL SATISFY ME MORE THAN BEST FRIENDS AS THE INAUGURAL TRIOS CHAMPIONS. Nothing. Nothing in the world. I don’t care if Kenny and the Young Bucks have that honor; they’re made men. I do actually like the idea of Silver and my boy Reynolds getting gold, even if it means Hangman’s going to be too preoccupied with the trios belts to aim for the world title again anytime soon. I want Best Friends to walk out of All Out dripping in gold more than I want Britt Baker to lose. Give me a monkey’s paw. I don’t care what it takes. BUT, living in reality, I do think there’s more story in Dark Order vs The Elite, and if I have to play in that ballpark, I do like the idea of Dark Order winning more. If Hangman is ever going to rejoin the Elite, it can’t because he loses to them or is lost without them. He has to be a made man, and beating Kenny and the Young Bucks in two title matches each is a good way to keep him from becoming their lackey again. Dark Order forever. Best Friends forever, but Dark Order forever.
Winners: Hangman and The Dark Order

Shane: This entire tournament has been freaking incredible. It has been awesome match after awesome match after awesome match. This might be the single most difficult match to call on the entire show because I just don’t know how it is going to go. I’m going to go with my heart here and say that the Dark Order will win. I love Kenny and the Young Bucks but they don’t need the belts. Ugh, I don’t know. I’m going to just stop typing now because I know I’m going to type myself into a spiral and totally change my mind if I keep talking.
Winners: The Dark Order

Jon Moxley (c) vs. CM Punk for the AEW World Championship

AEW All Out 2022 full card, start time, predictions

Jay: CM Punk. I’m in the minority in thinking that the best booking move was to have Mox squash Punk the way he did two weeks ago. There was no way to have Punk win without having Mox look like a schlub who was just keeping the title warm. And there was no way to have a proper match but then still have something left to promote for the PPV. So TK, rather brilliantly, had Mox beat the holy hell out of Punk and left enough of an asterisks on the win (in the form of Punk’s bad foot) to have something for the PPV, pop a nice rating for Dynamite, make Mox look like a beast, AND have a grandiose moment for CM Punk to win in Chicago.

However, WTF is going on with Punk? AEW’s greatest strength is its biggest weakness as they were built by its fans but, the fans really are its master. The fans are turning on CM Punk because CM Punk is CM Punk and the honeymoon period with him is over. Yes, it’s all rumors and conjecture, but conjecture is currency amongst the “smart” wrestling fans, and they’re turning. Punk will win but, where do we go from here? I’m hoping for a rematch with Hangman Page.
Winner: CM Punk

Darius: CM Punk is a bastard, man. Either he cheats to win, loses and snaps, or wins clean and is a new Cody Rhodes/John Cena, cheered on in Chicago because they love him, but leaving a weird taste in the mouths of those watching elsewhere. I’m not saying that nobody likes CM Punk — my man cut a promo on Wednesday that had little substance but was so well-spoken that I was cheering him on for a match that I WANT HIM TO LOSE. So, Punk has his charisma and many a fan. But the way I look at this storyline, Punk is not that dude. Moxley, Hangman, MJF, and Kingston have all taken turns cutting Punk down and implying that he’s not all he’s cracked up to be, and while the rumor is Punk wasn’t working that angle with Hangman, that’s the angle we have now. The puzzle pieces are all there, and the completed picture is an evil CM Punk. I have Punk winning on Sunday, mostly because I can’t imagine Mox getting the best reaction from this win, but I’m more invested in what happens after this match than in the match itself.
Winner: CM Punk

Shane: I was at Double or Nothing when CM Punk won the AEW World Championship and the entire arena erupted. As a wrestling fan, that was one of my favorite moments that I have experienced live. But, my colleagues are right – I, along with many others, have soured on CM Punk and I don’t really know why. With that in mind though, I can’t see Punk losing on Sunday. I think TK had Moxley squash Punk last week so that Punk could turn around and beat him in Chicago. But to expand on Jay’s point above, where does AEW go from here? What made this company so compelling in its infancy to me was the obvious long-term storytelling. The company had a plan and they knew what they were building to. I think we all knew that Jericho was going to be the first World Champ and we all knew that Moxley was going to defeat him. From there it was obvious that Omega and then Hangman were going to be the next champs. Even the AEW Women’s Title had that same sort of feel to it. Today, though, AEW feels to me that they have lost that focus. I hope deep down that TK knows what he wants to do with his company moving forward, but I’m beginning to lose hope.
Winner: CM Punk

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