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Miracleman #0
Marvel Comics

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‘Miracleman’ #0 review: 40 years of Kimota

Celebrate the 40th anniversary of the modern era of Miracleman before the new adventures begin.

It has been quite a while since we’ve had new Miracleman content. The last major piece was the All-New Miracleman Annual #1, and we had that recent tease in Timeless (2021) #1. The character is a handful when it comes to his place in publication history, but Miracleman has found a home at Marvel Comics. I am excited to see what new adventures await us as we revisit the world of miracles, which is what this zero issue does. We will have quite the share of imagination from all kinds of writers and artists for this issue, so let’s jump in!

Miracleman #0
Marvel Comics

Within the comic, we get five stories and some fun “Sunday comics” that feature the wild, imaginative world of Miracleman and other characters. I would state this more as a forewarning, but if you’re looking for more of the continuing adventures of Miracleman, then this might not be the place for you. This issue is definitely for diehard fans, but it can also help newer fans to see what kind of world they are diving into when it comes to Micky Moran and Kimota!

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The opening story is a bookend by Neil Gaiman, Mark Buckingham, and Jordie Bellaire called “Apocrypha”. I liked how this helps to bridge this issue with Neil and Mark’s earlier works, and I’m sure this will keep some of their styles for the upcoming series too. Their piece helps show you how striking Mircaleman’s world is and how it has become entirely different than our own, which is good for the newer Marvel fans who will try out the Miracleman series.

Miracleman #0
Marvel Comics

We get some fun pieces by Ty Templeton that play with classic Sunday comic strips and even an homage to Batman: The Animated Series with a Miracleman lead. The “Doomed. Buried.” piece was a hilarious look at life in a world where destruction happens when two fantastic beings disagree. Then the Bates in Hell strip was quite the heartbreaker if you know the story of Johnny Bates. If not, then definitely check out those back issues. 

An interesting piece comes from Ryan Stegman called “Blood on the Snow”, where Stegman makes it dystopian and gives Miracleman and Big Ben an update to an edgy 2000s vibe. Stegman talks about working on this story and how it came into his life on the AIPT Comics Podcast, and it is a pretty funny situation. Mike Carey, Paul Davidson, and Antonio Fabela craft a great sci-fi noir tale using a Warpsmith. I enjoyed the mystery; it was fun to see if you could beat the detective to solve the case.

Miracleman #0
Marvel Comics

We are treated to Peach Momoko’s art style with a piece of work from her and Zack Davisson, a look at life and redemption that I believe could be interesting for Johnny Bates’ future. I wonder how the tale can be used in the “new” series even though it was from days past, just never published. The last piece by Jason Aaron, Leinil Francis Yu, and Sunny Gho is another wild look at life and continues with Jason Aaron playing with the multiverse. That makes me wonder if that could be a tool used in the future to help Miracleman enter the Marvel Universe.

Miracleman #0
‘Miracleman’ #0 review: 40 years of Kimota
Miracleman #0
This celebration piece helps you revisit or discover Miracleman's wild world. This will be quite the trip for new fans, and for returning fans, it's a reminder of what potential Miracleman can achieve.
Reader Rating1 Votes
This is quite the collection of artists and writers giving some wild stories that range from sci-fi noir, reincarnation, and meeting your maker
The art is very clean in all stories and you can see the craft that these artists bring making it feel like a great celebration of the character
I didn't care for the Warpsmiths when I first read Miracleman, but Mike Carey managed to craft a story that had me interested and seeing more potential for their story
Jason Aaron, Leinil Francis Yu, and Sunny Gho crafted a story that gives so much more potential to Miracleman and I just wonder if that could be a gateway for MM to join the MU
While this is a celebration issue and it is great to get new material, but it would've been nice to see how this connects to the greater story for such a unique character as Miracleman
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