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A new perspective: Kayden Phoenix and Sean E Demott talk 'The Lipstick Cliqa'

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A new perspective: Kayden Phoenix and Sean E Demott talk ‘The Lipstick Cliqa’

Check out an interview with the creators of ‘The Lipstick Cliqa’ out this summer.

Coming this summer is Lipstick Cliqa, a spin-off of the indie comic series Night Of The Cadillacs. Crafted by Kayden Phoenix, the three-issue follows Phoenix’s series “A La Brava,” the first Latina superhero team in mainstream comic history.

Lipstick Cliqa follows an all-female Vampire chola gang that finds themselves forced into a turf battle where their only option is to defend their neighborhood and avenge their family’s honor resulting in a trail of blood. Produced by Ex Posse, the series is also being optioned for a movie that will begin shooting in Q4 of 2023.

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Coming out this summer, I asked Ex Posse Sean E Demott and Kayden Phoenix all about the series.

Sean E Demott and Kayden Phoenix 'Lipstick Cliqa'

AIPT: What’s the elevator pitch for THE LIPSTICK CLIQA?

Kayden Phoenix: A Chicana vampire gang finds their footing when neighboring gangs threaten their territory.

AIPT: Kayden, what are some of your comic book influences?

KP: Anything Alan Moore. Killing Joke, Watchmen, V for Vendetta. Moore always brings a new, dark angle to stories that make the audiences think, and I’ve always appreciated that.

AIPT: Why is now more important than ever to tell stories like THE LIPSTICK CLIQA?

KP: Because we’ve seen countless stories of cis white males from a male gaze so to bring a new perspective to a vampire street gang story with Latina leads and Latina writer is vital; and just a new form of entertainment.

AIPT: Whose the artist on this one, is it similar to Night Of The Cadillacs?

Sean E Demott: We approach everything from a global view and travel extensively looking for new artists constantly, not only in story board and colors format but in street art and fashion. It’s not unlike us to approach an underground streetwear designer to create work for the book.

Cover artist Rob Prior did the first two covers on the original NOTC because he’s brilliant and is basically family, so he’s going to return for covers on this project. Kayden has some Latina artists ideas as well that we are reaching out to. We have been collaborating for story board and color with an artist we met in the Philippines named Gershon Villamor who just had a killer vibe and flavor.

AIPT: Can you unpack what the world is like inside Blood World City?

KP: Blood World City is an alternate shadow world that is led by the feared Papa Duke to these multiple diverse cadillac vampire gangs who compete and fight among themselves for human captives, control and the ultimate survival of their clan. Rival Supernatural gangs leave Blood World City and come to earth during periodical Blood Moons to retrieve much-needed blood from humans. They travel through a chrome tunnel portal that links the two worlds that closes when dawn rises.

AIPT: Kayden, favorite vampire stories, be it movies, books, or comics, go!

KP: Interview With the Vampire, Underworld, and What We do in the Shadows.

Sean E Demott and Kayden Phoenix 'Lipstick Cliqa'

AIPT: Can you tell us about Ex Posse Holdings, what exactly is an “IP studio” and how far ahead into the future do you have things cooking?

SED: Ex Posse is a super DIY company made up of indie film producers and music industry people who are just totally excited by this NOTC Universe and other IPs. The reason for the title ‘IP studio’ is we were never focused on being a full-time print publisher per say. We haven’t been out looking for other people’s projects to just print and distribute. We create intellectual property with the excitement and dream to see the characters move around in films, animation, games, and tv not just the comics. We didn’t expect to get the underground buzz we did with the single issue 1 and 2 NOTC. We now have five spin-off titles in production. Those titles are Lip Stick Cliqa, Kill Town, Papa Duke Origins, and The Stitches. I’d like to add that we have a whole new respect and understanding for the publishing industry. This is such hard work.

AIPT: Sean, I understand you have a movie in the works, what can you tell us about that?

SED: Yes. We did a Trim Season ashcan exclusive comic that we released at NYCC 2021 through Scout Comics for our first feature also called ‘Trim Season, ‘ that has now been completed and is premiering at The Overlook Film in New Orleans this month. It centers on a group of new friends who look to make quick cash trimming marijuana on a secluded Northern California farm. When the location’s dark secrets emerge, it becomes a race against time to escape the ominous mountain with their lives. Our cast is led by the amazing Bethlehem Million, who just took the lead in the new ABC show the Good Lawyer and stars Bex Tyalor Klaus (13 Reasons Why), Ally Ioannides (Into The Badlands) and Jane Bader (The Free Fall). We can’t wait for everyone to see it.

AIPT: Kayden do you have any other projects in the works you’d like to plug

KP: I have the first Latina superhero team in comic book history called A LA BRAVA and currently am wrapping up my Native and Latina princess series called The Majestics.

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