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Daredevil #12
Marvel Comics

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‘Daredevil’ #12 review: Vortex

With just two more issues left, Zdarsky, Checchetto, and Wilson bring their A-game.

A new creative team for Daredevil is looming over the last few issues of Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto, as Saladin Ahmed and Aaron Kuder will be taking over the series in September. There is a long-standing history of putting Daredevil into a sticky situation for the next creative team to figure out. It started with Brian Michael Bendis putting Matt Murdock in jail, so incoming writer Ed Brubaker had to begin his run with that dilemma. Apparently, Zdarsky is not planning to make it any easier for Ahmed and Kuder, but it will be super entertaining as we get there.

Daredevil #12
Marvel Comics

Issue #14 will be the last issue of this current creative team, which will make this issue one not to miss as I’m going to speculate that it will be a big deal on the secondary market and hopefully get a second print too. That’s not to sell Daredevil #12 short at all – it is a beautiful and visually stunning read. I know this ending will have you impatiently waiting for the next issue, and now the cover will make sense.

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To sing more accolades to the art department, your eyes have a fantastic feast ahead of them. Marvel’s marketing was teasing this issue as a dance, and they nailed that description perfectly. This beautiful issue between Matt and Elektra allows Marco Checchetto to flex some muscles with his characters. Checchetto showcases how much these two care for each other but wonderfully shows how wild they can be when they set themselves on a quest; such a beautiful dance of one trying to save the other while they clash. There is also a returning character from the past, and Checchetto does a beautiful job with their design, fighting ability, and friendship with Matt. While this isn’t Checchetto’s last issue on Daredevil, he isn’t going down without a fight!

Daredevil #12
Marvel Comics

Matthew Wilson is a master at colors; he has been a powerful force in this series, keeping a constant hue to this fantastic world Daredevil finds himself in. Wilson takes the art to a new level in this issue, and his palette enhances every page. The temperatures are so realistic that you can feel the heat from the cooking and fighting while enjoying the crispness of the surrounding area. Zdarsky brings in one hell of a script that will have you worried, excited, and shocked about the fate of a character. If you’ve been reading Daredevil for a while, these might be things we’ve seen in other runs, but I haven’t been this invested in the outcome in a long time. I am hopeful for Daredevil’s victory, but not sure about the price – and at the end of it all, just who will be Daredevil?

Daredevil #12
‘Daredevil’ #12 review: Vortex
Daredevil #12
"Dancing with Fire" is a great summary of Matt and Elektra's relationship. Zdarsky, Chechetto, and Wilson take their connection further as this creative team approaches the end. Do not miss this issue, as it sets up a huge showdown that'll have Daredevil fans talking.
Reader Rating3 Votes
Matthew Wilson brings so much to the world of Daredevil and this issue is such a fantastic showcase of his abilities as a colorist
Marco Chechetto is going to be missed after he leaves DD with issues like this; here Chechetto brings so much personality and depth to his characters as they dance in the fire
Chip Zdarsky brings a wild twist to Daredevil's world and goes down a path that for sure puts us in Hell, but will there be a Heaven after?
The last couple of pages are so intriguing as to where they will take us next issue that your jaw will drop and your heart will ache with anticipation
Elektra has grown so much as a character within this creative teams' abilities
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