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Sean Nickerson

Sean Nickerson

Sean is a geek of all trades and a lover of music. He collects action figures and comic books and loves the works of JRR Tolkien, Isaac Asimov, Frank Herbert, Clive Barker, Terry Brooks, and Robert Jordan just to name a few. On any given day him and his boyfriend Sparky can be found at a mall or out and about perusing comic book stores and toy stores like two little kids freaking out over all the cool stuff. Sean has studied and performed music for many years such as blues, jazz, classical, opera, funk, hard rock, and ear bleeding heavy metal. His real guilty pleasure is karaoke however, as he is a self-proclaimed karaoke king. He loves anything science fiction, fantasy, or horror related but the thing that geeks him out the most hands down has to be Star Wars. His motto: We all grow old, but you never have to grow up.

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