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'Solo: A Star Wars Story Adaptation' TPB Review

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‘Solo: A Star Wars Story Adaptation’ TPB Review

An accurate retelling of the story with slight embellishments thrown in for extra background.

Solo: A Star Wars Story Adaptation TPB arrived in comic book stores today. It’s a collection of Marvel Comics’ seven issue adaptation of the blockbuster Disney Star Wars prequel, written by Robbie Thompson with artwork by Will Sliney.

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It tells the tale of young Han Solo, his love Qi’ra, and their dream to escape Corellia and the clutches of Madame Proxima. As the two attempt to make their escape, Qi’ra is grabbed by one of Proxima’s henchmen and Han vows to return for her. To avoid capture himself, Han joins the Imperial Navy in hopes of becoming a pilot and returning to save his beloved. After a troublesome career in the Imperial Navy and a tribunal, Han is sentenced to serve on the front lines of the war-torn planet of Mimban. It is here that he meets the outlaw Tobias Beckett as well as a 196-year-old Wookiee named Chewbacca. Solo and Chewbacca join with Beckett and his team of mercenaries on a heist that goes horribly wrong, leaving Beckett, Solo, and Chewbacca having to return to Dryden Vos, the ruthless gangster who hired them, empty handed. Aboard Vos’s ship, Han and Qi’ra are reunited and she joins them on a new heist to the mines of Kessel. Qi’ra introduces them to the notorious gambler Lando Calrissian who agrees to join up for a cut of the prophets for the use of his ship the Millennium Falcon. Will the fastest ship in the galaxy be enough to make the difficult and deadly Kessel Run in time to help Han Solo pull off this impossible heist? Pick up this wonderful paperback collection to find out, or relive the excitement and adventure anytime you like.

'Solo: A Star Wars Story Adaptation' TPB Review

Marvel Comics

Robbie Thompson, who has written for various Marvel titles including Spidey, Silk, and Han Solo – Imperial Cadet, does a great job at staying faithful and accurate to the source material, while also going off in certain areas that were not touched upon in the film or the novelization. One such area involves Solo’s time in the Imperial Navy, particularly the events that led up to him being sent to Mimban after his tribunal on Carida. Robbie Thompson gives us the perfect adaptation that captures the personality and emotions of the characters and situations and draws the reader into that world and universe seamlessly, while also giving them a little extra detail and backstory to ponder.

The artwork on this adaptation is also brilliantly done. Will Sliney does a masterful job immersing the reader into this fantastic story in a way that feels and looks like the film is popping off the page with every frame. The way that he draws the characters really captures their personalities with a great amount of detail paid not only to the characters, but to the environments that they interact with. The way that Sliney draws the action sequences is very exciting and looks wonderful, although at times feels a little rushed. The confrontation with Enfys Nest as well as the Kessel run through the Maw seemed a bit short and would have benefited quite a bit from a few more panels to really draw out the anticipation and action in those scenes. In spite of this, the artwork is no less breathtaking, visceral, and immersive and the brilliant colors provided by Frederico Blee and Andres Mossa only further enhance and complement Sliney’s fantastic images.

'Solo: A Star Wars Story Adaptation' TPB Review

Marvel Comics

This is a wonderful comic book adaptation of a film that effectively immerses the reader into that world to relieve the excitement and adventure of this exciting story over and over. I highly recommend this adaptation to any Star Wars fan especially if you really enjoyed the film. It is a worthy addition to any Star Wars collection and perfect for readers young and old alike.

'Solo: A Star Wars Story Adaptation' TPB Review
Solo: A Star Wars Story Adaptation
Is it good?
A wonderful adaptation and a fun way to relive the action and adventure of the exciting blockbuster prequel.
This is a faithful and accurate adaptation of the film that immerses the reader into that world brilliantly
Bits and pieces of backstory and expanded story scattered throughout
Masterfully crafted artwork that makes the action and excitement of the film come alive with every turn of the page
Some of the major action sequences felt a bit rushed or short, and would have benefited greatly from more panels to drag out the action and anticipation a little further.

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