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Shamus Clancy

Shamus Clancy

Shamus Clancy is a writer from South Philadelphia who fell in love with comics while watching X-Men: The Animated Series in his aunt’s living room as a toddler. Receiving a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Pennsylvania, Shamus has written for a variety of publications over the years, including USA Today, the Philadelphia Daily News, NBC Sports and Multiversity Comics. Shamus spent his early teenage years binge-reading Frank Miller’s run on Daredevil, Grant Morrison’s run on New X-Men and the Geoff Johns Green Lantern saga. He also saw Guardians of the Galaxy in theaters five times at 20 years old and has spent the years since coming up with fake soundtracks for future Guardians films. You can typically find Shamus tailgating Philadelphia 76ers and Philadelphia Eagles games or at the Brave New Worlds comics shop in Old City, Philadelphia. You can also read his takes on all things Philly and the MCU on Twitter @shamus_clancy.

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