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Comic Book Preview: 7/4/12

Comic Books

Comic Book Preview: 7/4/12

Comics come out July 4th this week. That means you get to eat a barbecue drumstick whilst reading a damn comic. That’s living! We preview this weeks comics based on their covers. We recommend not reading comics while setting off fireworks. Save your hands for the page turning.

Dave’s Pick

Wolverine #310

Comic Book Preview: 7/4/12

Simone Bianchi

Dave: Sabertooth died a few years back and it was a big deal. Jeff Loeb wrote that and apparently he gets to write the rebirth. Whether you hate that idea or not, this cover is pretty cool considering he’s tearing the Wolverine face to reveal the Sabertooth face. I dig the eyes, the melting flesh and the very serious look on both faces. Let’s hope the reason for his rebirth isn’t dumb.

Brendan: This is a very cool cover. I think the ripping effect is really well done. I love the warm red colors that make up Sabertooth and how they splash against the cool, almost deathly pale colors of Wolvie. The whole duality gimmick of the cover is played out, yes, but at the same time I think it is executed perfectly. The way Simone drew the eyes is truly piercing.

Brendan’s Pick

World’s Finest #3

Comic Book Preview: 7/4/12

George Perez

Brendan: There are so many cool things about this cover. First off, the figures are action packed. I love the use of blurring in the top left that give the jet a look of real heat. And seriously, that background goes on for days. There is quality within every aspect of this cover.

Dave: How action packed is this cover? A freaking jet is shoving our hero down and she’s still pushing back on it. I’m pretty certain anything on fire becomes 63% more awesome too. Poor Huntress…all you got is a damn rope. Worthless.

Dave’s Honorable Mentions

X-Factor #239

Comic Book Preview: 7/4/12

David Yardin

Dave: Crows symbolize death. Look it up! I dig the shadow, the red hair matching…is that a story element? Who knows? Do I dig it? Hell yes. Very dramatic and jutting boobs. I like.

Brendan: The colors on this cover and beautiful. Everything from the hair to the subtle nuances of Siryn’s suit to the great background splash leave me awestruck.

Fury Max #4

Comic Book Preview: 7/4/12

Dave Johnson

Dave: This is a slick cover with a cool premise. Fury is on the job and looks irritable…but he’s in the fabulous vacation spot known as COOBAH! It’s a little odd that the pictures don’t match, but I dig the background behind Fury and the cultural references in the letters.

Brendan: The cover seems a bit disjointed. For some reason each of the three sections seem to be in a different style and from that they come off as entirely separate entities. This could have used some form of adhesion.

Brendan’s Honorable Mentions

Avengers vs. X-Men #7 ( Variant Cover)

Comic Book Preview: 7/4/12

Sara Pichelli

Brendan: I do have my problems with this cover, but I really just enjoy the way Emma is mesmerized by the burning Hawkeye (that is Hawkeye, right?). This, of course, is my first qualm. I think if they made Hawkeye just a bit larger he would have been much more recognizable. Also, I feel like the reflections of the flames of Emma’s skin might be too much. Is it just me, or is the amount of fire being reflected disproportionate to the fire in front of her? Maybe I’m just being picky. It’s still a great cover.

Brendan: Dude…diamond flaming boobs? Hell yes. What makes this cover work is the face on Emma. She’s crushing an insect and she feels so, so sowry.

Rocketeer Adventures 2 #4

Comic Book Preview: 7/4/12

Darwyn Cooke

Brendan: Another classy cover by Mr. Cooke. I love the design of this cover. The way the artwork V’s into the bottom really makes the cover seem more action packed, despite not much going on.

Dave: The action lines of Rocketeer are super stretchy cool! Lightning bolts, behind his back, make everything cool.

WTF? Category

Where we don’t understand, are insulted by or would rather stab our eyes with acid pops than look at these covers for various reasons.

America’s Got Powers #3

Comic Book Preview: 7/4/12

Bryan Hitch

Dave: Your right leg is broken backwards. Your fist is shooting Mountain Dew. You look 15 years older than you did in issue #2. Your argument is invalid.

Brendan: Hitch seems to have really phoned this one in. It looks like he got bored at the boy’s torso and figured he could wrap things up quick with some action that blurs out the lower half of the page. The kid is rocking a serious stink-face.

Spawn #221

Comic Book Preview: 7/4/12

Todd McFarlane

Dave: Somebody needs to retire this Amazing Fantasy reference cover pronto. It’s starting to look desperate. Also, those boots look even more stupid when floating through the air. Ugh.

Brendan: I mean, it’s cute that McFarlane wanted to do this cover and for the most part it is well executed. I guess that it just seems a bit desperate since, like Dave said, we’ve seen this shot so many times before.

Animal Man # 11

Comic Book Preview: 7/4/12

Steve Pugh

Brendan: This cover is actually pretty badass. The only reason I’m putting it under WTF is because Steve Pugh can draw things that give me nightmares. Steve, the devil is in control of your drawing hand. You need to find Jesus.

Dave: One word. Skeleton-tread. I think the monster-ness is pretty scary but… WTF is with that rhino?

Avengers vs. X-Men #7 (Variant Cover)

Comic Book Preview: 7/4/12

Esad Ribic

Brendan: Again, this is a pretty cool cover. I think the art is for the most part well done. But if we take a moment to look at this cover—you know, really analyze what we’re looking at—there is something that should really jump out as odd. Do you see it? Need help? Let’s put it this way: You know who supposedly is really good with a bow? Hawkeye. You know who can shoot lasers out of his eyes with a radius ranging nearly 180 degrees to pinpoint accuracy? Cyclops can.


Cyclops is missing because he has a new arrow in his brain, I get that. Hawkeye missing because suddenly he has been blasted into a different postal code before he could loose an arrow, that also makes perfect sense. But both guys missing from bad-breath distance? Completely illogical.

Hey, I get it. It’s a comic cover. They can’t have either side winning in the grand battle of this summer’s big blockbuster. But if that is the case, maybe don’t use two of the best sharpshooters in your universe. It just looks silly.


Dave: I really dislike how Cyclops isn’t wearing the Phoenix Five gear. Kind of misleading. Also… does anyone else think that every superhero would make an awesome ballerina based on some of the contorted leg poses they can hit? Also, I hope they have parachutes.

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