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3 Second Movie Reviews: 9/7/12

3 Second Movie Reviews

3 Second Movie Reviews: 9/7/12

Not much to see at the theaters this September as the Bruce Willis time traveler Looper and another go at the judge with Dredd are the big buzz worthy flicks. I see rentals in your future! 3 Second Reviews is the review column that reviews movies recently released to theater and disc and a few oldy but goodies. Enjoy!

In Theaters Now

Lawless, (August 2012)

Genre: Drama

3 Second Movie Reviews: 9/7/12
From Bane to bootlegger, Tom Hardy is a powerhouse in both.

This film has such powerful characters they overpower the story. Namely a villain that’s hilariously over the top by Guy Pearce and a protagonist that’s so low key he’s animalistic by Tom Hardy. Still, both are so astounding this is a must see. Shia LaBeouf is good and the female characters don’t have much to do but are still resonant in their beauty. It’s also masterfully shot, orchestrated and directed.

Grade: B+

Premium Rush, (August 2012)

Genre: Action, Drama

3 Second Movie Reviews: 9/7/12
Traffic has never been so exciting.

This bicycle messenger flick keeps things fast and interesting with some incredible traffic chase scenes and a story told out of chronological order. One neat effect shows the characters options to avert death before he chooses one. The film adds tricks like this to keep it fun and exciting.

Grade: B

Recently Released on Disc

Bernie, (April 2012)

Genre: Comedy

3 Second Movie Reviews: 9/7/12
Based on a true story, although they really could have gotten a much uglier actress.

Acting is spot on with enough innovative ideas thrown in to make this dramedy worth watching. You won’t laugh out loud too much, but when you do it’ll be a different kind of chuckle.

Grade: B-

A Separation, (December 2011)

Genre: Foreign, Drama

3 Second Movie Reviews: 9/7/12
The mise en scene here is seperating the couple. Nice touch.

Acting, directing and pacing compact this little jewel into a very realistic social drama about an Iranian family. If feels honest, although I can’t help but think it won the Oscar due to a slice of life of Iran being on display.

Grade: A-

The Hunter, (April 2012)

Genre: Drama

3 Second Movie Reviews: 9/7/12
”Call me William one more time. Say it again!”

There’s a poetic resonance here you might not be expecting. Willem Dafoe is hunting a once thought lost beast and comes across a family missing the man of the house. Survival on all accounts.

Grade: B

Man on a Ledge, (January 2012)

Genre: Drama, Suspense

3 Second Movie Reviews: 9/7/12
Now that’s what I call vault-cracking clothes.

Someone needs to take the blame for allowing so many good acting performances in a stinker like this. The plot is silly at best and stupid at worst. Kind of a pointless film.

Grade: D

Coriolanus, (January 2011)

Genre: Drama

3 Second Movie Reviews: 9/7/12
Shakespear + machine guns + fake blood = this film.

Ralph Fiennes and the surpassingly good Gerard Butler make haste to deliver a powerful, intense and pertinent shakespearean adaptation set in a semi-current period. Cinematography and direction is very straight laced so don’t expect Baz Luhrmann wackiness.

Grade: B+

Perfect Sense, (February 2012)

Genre: Romance, Drama, Mystery

3 Second Movie Reviews: 9/7/12
You will see Ewen McGregor and Eva Green naked quite a bit. You have been “warned”.

Give this movie credit for an inventive plot where each sense is lost in a worldwide plague. Ewan McGregor and Eva Green get it on, fall in love…at the worst time possible! It’s a downer of a flick, but the premise is intriguing enough to take a peak.

Grade: B

Oldy, But Goody?

Super, (April 2011)

Genre: Drama, Action, Comedy

3 Second Movie Reviews: 9/7/12
Kevin Bacon steals the show.

The director of this was recently put in charge of the Guardians of the Galaxy film. Let’s hope that is actually funny as opposed to just disturbing like this film. This movie is messed up for all the wrong reasons. It’s as if the filmmakers are trying to show just how far soulless hollywood is willing to take the superhero genre. Even Kevin Bacon’s performance can’t save this mental movie.

Grade: C-

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger (September 2010)

Genre: Drama, Comedy

3 Second Movie Reviews: 9/7/12
This film is all about the dangers of getting what you want. In this case, Anthony Hopkin’s character gets a dumb blonde. Spoiler alert. It does not end well.

Why I like this Woody Allen film so much is its balance between the comedy and tragedy of life. The movie says it has no message but I challenge you to not see one by films end. The only downside to this picture is the cinematography. For the most part it feels like a cheap British set.

Grade: A-

Unstoppable, (November 2010)


3 Second Movie Reviews: 9/7/12
One could argue Tony Scott’s visual style uses the image as a canvas that is painted with changes in focus, jumps in exposure, lighting, and color.

Tony Scott’s last film and probably one of his more complete works. Aside from the annoyingly sappy moments it works as a race that’s masterfully paced to hit the high points of a good action film. Nice ride. Scott sure did love the helicopter shots.

Grade: C+

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