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Trending Fashion: Cosplay Costume Ideas for Halloween


Trending Fashion: Cosplay Costume Ideas for Halloween

Cosplay is a condensed term for “costume role-play,” in which participants dress in elaborate costumes and accessories to look and act as a particular character. These characters are often associated with Japanese animated television shows, fantasy films or video games.

Most cosplayers dress up to attend conventions, where they can enter costume contents and participate in on-stage skits. But dressing isn’t just for the countless Comic-Con conventions, cosplay also makes the perfect costumes for Halloween.

Many online galleries post pictures of cosplayers where you can seek inspiration for your own Halloween character. Learn more about cosplay and how you can become part of the action.

Selecting a Character

There are several factors to consider when participating in cosplay for Halloween. First, you must decide on the character you’d like to become and consider how difficult it will be to make a costume of your chosen character. Cosplay costumes can be purchased from costume shops or can be a DIY project. Normal clothing can be adapted to create a costume if you have the sewing skills to do it. When putting a character together, don’t skimp on the details. Having the correct hair, accessories, shoes and color theme will make your costume that much better.

Movie Trends

Recent trends in Japanese cosplay portray the popularity of science fiction film characters, perhaps due to the success of films like “Lord of the Rings,” “The Matrix” and “Star Wars.” Characters from the Harry Potter series are also in high demand, especially diverse characters like Draco Malfoy. Cosplay is not just limited to gender-specific characters, as cosplaying as a character of the opposite sex is known as “crossplay.” This allows participants to dress just like their favorite character, male or female.


Cosplay costumes are significantly different than your average Halloween costume. Intricate details are everything in this growing trend, and costumes must meet meticulously designs that bring the characters alive. Attention to details including thread colors, seams, fabric choices, hairstyle and makeup take it a step above. Whether you prefer the sleek and sexy look of Cat Woman or the action-packed look of Lara Croft, there is no limit to your character creativity.

Try out these ideas for a picture-perfect costume: An oversized green tee, a long-sleeve brown shirt, knee-high black boots, a sword and a shield will transform you into Link from “The Legend of Zelda.” A black, white, and red vintage jacket, silk red ribbon, a black, knee-high skirt, red leather boots, and a black masquerade mask will have you looking like Yuki Cross from “Vampire Knight.”


Many participates of cosplay spend months creating their own costumes and props, so don’t just show it off at the International Cosplay Day. Go to Comic-Con conventions or walk the streets on Halloween night.


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