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Is It Good?  FF #5 Review

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Is It Good? FF #5 Review

As much as I love my DC comics, I start to get tired of every single little dark and depressing thing pervading them; people constantly dying or how dark they are with their tone and grittiness, for instance. I’m getting rather numb and tired of it. Where did all the fun go?

Well apparently Marvel stole most of it, because how else can I explain titles like FF being so upbeat and colorful? Still, despite the fun factor, is it good?

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FF #5 (Marvel Comics)

Is It Good?  FF #5 Review

In the last issue, the comic focused more on She-Hulk, the Moloids, and Bentley-23. This time around, we focus on all of the other characters in the book and what they are up to. We see Scott Lang moping around, Darla trying out different head-gear, future Human Torch freak out for some reason and Medusa continuing to be rather… off.

FF 01
And by off, I mean un-good of course.

Unlike last issue, this one progresses the story somewhat as builds this mystery about Medusa and the older Human Torch losing control. Something is clearly going on with them and it’s all very intriguing. The issue also continues to build and develop the characters more, like Darla for example. Some people are not as likeable or nearly as interesting as others, however.

Scott here needs to work on his people skills.

The real highlights of this comic though are the humor and art. While it certainly has its drama and serious moments, it manages to mix in its funny dialogue and jokes without messing with the tone or taking away from the experience. It all feels natural and adds to the experience, besides a couple of eye-rolling moments.

I’m both uneasy and yet hungry at the same time.

The art is very eye-pleasing to say the least; Mike Allred draws very appealing people, locations, and action scenes in his pop art style that perfectly fits the tone of the comic. Though his layouts are kind of boring and I swear I’ve seen some of these people before in the other comics he drew.

Excuse me lady, but did I perhaps see you in iZombie before?

Is It Good?  FF #5 Review 8.0

Is It Good?  FF #5 ReviewIs It Good?  FF #5 ReviewIs It Good?  FF #5 ReviewIs It Good?  FF #5 ReviewIs It Good?  FF #5 ReviewIs It Good?  FF #5 ReviewIs It Good?  FF #5 ReviewIs It Good?  FF #5 ReviewIs It Good?  FF #5 ReviewIs It Good?  FF #5 Review
  • Character and dialogue writing are very solid
  • The art is visually appealing
  • The mysteries being developed really make you want to know more
  • The humor has its groan worthy instances.
  • It’s still SLOWLY taking its time in getting somewhere

Is It Good?

This is a very enjoyable comic that manages to balance its humor and seriousness without having one overshadow the other. While a bit slow and too dependent on the Fantastic Four at the beginning, it’s becoming its own thing now and highly worth looking into to lighten things up in your weekly pulls.




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