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Thor: The Dark World – Trailer Recap and Thoughts

The first Thor: The Dark World trailer was released today with the entire comic fandom in an uproar about Loki’s hair. Yeah, I bet Disney wasn’t expecting that one! Be it as it may, it seems to be turning the rather crummy first Thor incarnation around with plenty of battles, dark elves, and alien technology!

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Here’s a quick breakdown with my thoughts on the one minute and 46 second trailer.

First off, we open the trailer in London. Why London? Most likely because Natalie Portman’s character is doing work there, but also because Marvel needs to make at least one Mary Poppins joke per Disney regulation. Hey, I don’t make the rules people.

Then we’re privy to some pigeons, or are they doves? Either way I’m pretty sure John Woo was a guest director on that day.

Who the hell are these three kids? We can only be sure one of them has super powers, but why would they need to turn a cement truck around inside a warehouse? More than likely they just acquired their powers and are trying them out. I wouldn’t put it past the villains to have enchanted said children with some demons of some sort. Then again, maybe there’s some kind of disturbance in this spot, either way it brings Jane and her crew to London.

Note the narration by Odin, played by Anthony Hopkins, who is delivering a monologue similar to what Marlon Brando did as Superman’s dad over in Superman 2 and reused in Superman Returns. Now I’m sure they didn’t copyright this, but wasn’t Marvel aware everybody would be thinking about Superman when they heard this narration?

It doesn’t help they’re both delivered in the same sort of tone by the fathers of the heroes. (Fast forward to the end of the trailer above to get to the Brando narration.)

Then we get a reveal of, presumably the villain, who’s decked out in some kind of Event Horizon gear. Extra points for a scary looking alien ship with creepy lighting.

Clearly said alien only has his permit. That is some terrible parking. I’d hate to see his three point turn. You don’t drag your giant spikey space ship across the land like that and get your license!

Like the super hunk that he is, Thor shows up in the rain, long locks soaking. I wonder if they wrote into the script, “Make sure hemsworth is wet when he meets back up with Portman.” I get a strong The Notebook vibe from these shots. They probably wanted to get all the ladies excited for this one. What’s more exciting than a wet hunk and his girl? You certainly have me excited! Vavavoom!

After Thor teleports himself and Jane outta London we get a quick glimps of a rune burned into the ground. Clearly Thor can’t use the rainbow bridge still so he’s using some kind of highly destructive teleportation device. Is Odin behind this?

Cue Thor introducing Jane to, what seems like Asgard, and this hot little number getting all jealous.

Lots of quick shots hit us up with Thor journeying as if to say, “look it’s like Lord of the Rings complete with white capped mountains and gay undertones!” We can clearly see Loki travelling with him as well. Way to ruin the twist ending to this trailer Marvel!

Also, is that the forest where they filmed Gladiator?

The bad guy chimes in with some narration about sacrifices and we get a shot from behind of the man himself. He’s named Malekith the Accursed and is played by Christopher Eccleston. We then get a shot from the front as he seems to be in the process of killing Jane by sucking her into some kind of tornado.

Me thinks Marvel wouldn’t mind killing Natalie Portman off considering how boring her character has been, and it’d give Thor that dark edge all the heroes have these days. Anyhoo, we then get the next biggest Marvel character (right behind Agent Coulson), Loki, complete with exquisite cell…

…and long hair.

Overall it seems they’re trying to peg this as a Romeo and Juliet story meets war battles straight out of Lord of the Rings. At least in this trailer anyway. Because said battles involve aliens they can have all the lasers and explosions a war drama would contain. Which is great for us, especially those who were expecting more of the Thor we’ve become accustomed to in the comics. The first Thor movie, while adequate in setting up the character, didn’t do much for the battles Thor is good at save for the Frost Giant sequence.

Anyone who believes the incredibly flat Jane character will bring anything to the love triangle suggested in this trailer shouldn’t hold their breath. It’s too early to worry about that though, especially since this trailer was created for those interested in the love story. It’s more than likely this trailer is only positioning it as a love story for now and may not even hold that much water come its full release.


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