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Is It Good? Wasteland #44 Review

Cowboys. I’m a sucker for them. For as much as I’m a horror fan, I’m almost equally a western fan. That said, let me tell you about a little gem from Oni Press known as Wasteland.

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Wasteland #44 (Oni Press)

Written by Antony Johnston, Wasteland is a post apocalyptic vision of a world 100 years after “the Big Wet.” Half the Earth is now covered in oceans, which are filled with poison. A lone badass named Michael is in search of answers, along with a group of others.

One thing I’ll say about this series is that you can sort of glean what’s happening from the intro before the comic proper, but it’s an involved mythology. To truly get it, I’d recommend going back through the previous issues if you have the time. But, for those who just want to start from here, I’ll try to sum it up quickly: Michael and the gang are looking for a mystical city known as A-Ree-Yass-I. There are these f----d up desert monsters known as the Sand-Eaters. There are people that worship the sun known as Sunners. There, you’re good.

There is an interesting meet up, and fight soon afterwards. However, not a lot gets resolved in this issue. We do meet a half human, half sand eater oracle in the tribe Michael and the gang meet. There is also a cool bear fight, at least.

In a series where people are traveling non stop, not every meetup can be incredible. Just glad they found some people in this issue. They are wandering the desert, after all.

The art in this issue is by Russel Roehling, with tones by Mathew Razzano. Everything is windswept and brooding. The Sand-Eaters look vicious. And Michael looks like a boss, as per usual.


  • Great atmosphere, via art and plot
  • Mysterious
  • Great battles
  • Confusing if you’ve never read any other issues
  • Nothing apparently significant to plot occurs

Is It Good?

I love this series, and would say this is a great issue to check out. However, a lot will be lost on you if you haven’t read anything else. Won’t have quite the same emotional resonance. But, as an issue, yeah, it’s solid enough. You get a good feel for the atmosphere of the series. The art is engaging and lends itself to the plot.

For fans of westerns, and post-apocalyptic societies. Give this one a looksie. And if you like it, definitely check out the seven collections from Oni Press, chronicling the journey leading up to issue 44.


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