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Is It Good?  Grimm #1 Review

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Is It Good? Grimm #1 Review

Now I’m a fan of NBC’s Grimm, with its enjoyable mythology, characters, twists, and the premises therein. Then I heard about the show getting its own comic book that’ll expand on what’s been happening. That got me a bit interested and I had to check it out. Now that it’s out, is it good?

Grimm #1 (Dynamite)

Grimm #1 Cover

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After a quick and brief recap to get everyone up to date on what’s been happening: Our story begins with our hero and Grimm; Nick his police partner, Hank; and his Blutbad (think werewolf) buddy, Monroe, going to Vienna to track down Nick’s mother, who had vanished mysteriously after telling him she was going to destroy the three silver coins. Basically, these coins are a symbol of power and whoever controls them, gets lots of power and influence over others. While these guys are there, they run into some unusual trouble.

Grimm 01
For example, evil reptilian nuns.

This comic felt odd to me in a way. I’m pretty updated on the TV show, but the way the comic started made it seem like Nick’s mother being kidnapped just happened in the show. I also checked and didn’t see any #0 issue either, so I’m confused about why we are simply dropped into what feels like an already ongoing story. This comic feels like it should be a second issue or something.

Besides that, as a fan of the show, I enjoyed it. Everyone felt in character with the typical interactions and banter between each of them, it expanded a bit more on the mythology around the coins, and it continued the story of the coins that had been left dangling since the start of the second season. Definitely good for fans.

Grimm 02
Also has about the same amount of gory goodness as the show.

The art is also fine and serviceable, with everyone looking very close to their live action selves. Though the real question is if this comic is good for non-fans who might see this and be interested. To be honest, it’s really not. I do appreciate the recap and quick introduction at the beginning, but it’s really not enough. This comic is definitely for fans only and really would not appeal to outsiders with so much going on in it and all these terms being tossed around. It’s probably a bit too much to fully take in.

Grimm 03
Though I did like how they inserted this Valkyrie expy in to make comic book fans more comfortable.

Is It Good?  Grimm #1 Review 7.5

Is It Good?  Grimm #1 ReviewIs It Good?  Grimm #1 ReviewIs It Good?  Grimm #1 ReviewIs It Good?  Grimm #1 ReviewIs It Good?  Grimm #1 ReviewIs It Good?  Grimm #1 ReviewIs It Good?  Grimm #1 ReviewIs It Good?  Grimm #1 ReviewIs It Good?  Grimm #1 ReviewIs It Good?  Grimm #1 Review
  • Very solid adaptation of the show
  • Everyone feels in character
  • Continuing storylines from the show
  • Rushed opening and very quick pacing
  • Not very enticing for non-fans of the show
  • Ends before it gets going

Is It Good?

It is, being a rather faithful adaption and expansion of the TV show. It’s good for the fans despite some questionable pacing, but it’ll probably turn off anyone who isn’t already invested in the show. Worth a look if you are already invested in the story.




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