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Is It Good? Justice League #23.3 Review

Last month, Dial H came to a close. It was the oddest and strangest book that the New 52 had to offer, but probably one of the most underrated and intelligent as well. However, the story isn’t completely over yet, for now comes the special one-shot with a parade of many different artists called Dial E. Is it good?

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Justice League #23.3 (DC Comics)

A couple of young thieves/crooks get their hands on a dial and start using it, turning into random supervillains as they try to flee from the cops and the people the dial use to belong to. Unfortunately, they just can’t stop dialing and another villain is also tracking down the item himself. Trippiness ensues.

Smear my paint?! No! I finally just finished painting the walls in my room!

If I had to sum this book in simple Internet shorthand, it would be “WTF.” That describes this issue perfectly. It’s so frickin fast paced as the characters constantly change from villain to villain as pass the dial around that it is almost hard to keep up with it. No time for rest, this issue just rapidly speeds through the story and different characters as things happen.

To be honest, I’m not very sure where to even go beyond that paragraph. How does one review a comic like this? Is the story good? Is the dialogue good? Are the characters interesting? Was it engaging? Many of these answers elude me at this point and it honestly left me throwing my hands into the air, feeling defeated in a sense. All I can say is that it is very difficult to follow at points, these are non-characters, and I could not keep my eyes off this comic as I read it.

I have no words for what I am reading or seeing.

But what about the artwork? Is that any good? Well I suppose it is since every new villain is drawn well and is very distinct, with each artist’s own unique style helping that along. However, due to the artwork constantly changing, it sort of contributes in a way to how confused I am reading it. The tone and feel of the book is shifting all the time and with the different styles, it is hard following what happens from page to page at points. The comic is certainly the most uniquely drawn book I have seen in a while, but it comes off as a hindrance at points.

And I swear to you, on the next page, the whole place was back to normal as if nothing happened.


  • Possibly the most original comic this entire month.
  • Has an incredible amount of talented artists on it.
  • It leaves one hell of an impression.
  • The pacing and story is erratic.
  • No semblance of character anywhere.
  • If you do not like weird things, this comic is not for you.

Is It Good?

Possibly? Could be? It’s not often I get to read a comic where I’m left in a state of awe and confusion at what I had just witness. Dial E is one of those times. I can give it a score based on my reaction to it, but numbers here are meaningless. Only one’s own opinion matters with a comic like this. As such, you must seek this out and read for yourself, despite everything I have said. That’s the only way to properly find out if this was good or not.


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