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Is It Good? Batman #24 Review

And after a one month break we are back to Zero Year. Not only that, we’ve got ourselves a big issue that promises big things: in particular, Batman’s first real appearance. After all the wait, is it good?

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Batman #24 (DC Comics)

Batman #24 Cover

It’s time to finish this. Batman has been born and he’s figured out the goal of the Red Hood Gang. It’s time to face them down and put them and their leader in their place. How will it all go down?

Batman 24 01
He’ll first start by making this beautiful collage!

If I had to describe this comic in one word: awesome would be that word… this was one badass, awesome comic through and through and one that should put a smile on any Batman fan’s face.

Great opening and ending (which leads into the second part of Zero Year, Dark City), fantastic fight scenes, great confrontations and twists, very clever moments (can’t say how because that would be telling) and a great buildup. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time as they were building up to Batman confronting the Red Hood Leader and it was a great payoff.

However, we still have some problems here sadly. This book gets extremely bogged down with dialogue in some parts, especially during the middle when Bruce gives what is the equivalent of a political hope/motivational speech that goes on and on. Really slows the pacing down sadly. Also, the ending bit with how Red Hood Leader’s identity is still mystery and how much Scott Snyder beats that fact into us. Really eye rolling and laugh worthy.

Batman 24 02
He still has a point. Why do you all live here?

This story would be nowhere as good without Greg Capullo on art duties. Everything looks impressive here, from the characters, to the backgrounds, to the amazing fight scene, and even to small minor things like the Batman sketches in the police station. Also, extra points to colorist Fco Plascencia for his work on the book. The colors here really help make the art pop and standout even more.

I honestly feel a little bad for the backup artist on this book, Rafael Albuquerque, who does a good job here. However, he’s so outshined in almost every way possible that you almost forget about him. Just a hard act to follow.

Batman 24 03
The police station has a weird purplish filter on it. They need to change their light bulbs.


  • Great conclusion to the first arc of Zero Year.
  • Really pulls you in and keeps your attention.
  • Greg Capullo’s artwork is a sight to behold.
  • WAY too much dialogue that slows the pacing.

Is It Good?

Forget what I said last time, this was the best issue of Batman all year long. Great buildup and conclusion to the first part of the arc that really leaves you wanting more with fantastic art to complement it. Maybe a bit too wordy at points that it slows down the pacing, but still really worth your time. Check it out.


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