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Is It Good? Hawkeye #13 Review

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Is It Good? Hawkeye #13 Review

Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye: One of the most popular and critically acclaimed books that Marvel has trotted out into the market. It sits alongside Marvel’s other popular books like Daredevil, Thor: God of War, Avengers, New Avengers, and more.

I’ve been following this book in trades for a few months now and I finally caught up to talk about it on a month to month basis. Is it good?

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Hawkeye #13 (Marvel Comics)

Hawkeye #13 Cover

Remember that guy who got killed in Clint’s apartment several months ago? Yeah, we are finally getting back to that storyline. Here we see Clint’s reaction to it and we continue to watch his life go down the drain. Let the fun times roll I say!

Hawkeye 13 01
Clearly this man can’t just go and borrow someone else’s dictionary. Clearly, calling his ex-wife for help is the logical move.

The thing about Hawkeye to me is that comic is good, but not as great as some people claim it to be. It’s about the Clint Barton/Hawkeye life outside of the Avengers and what goes on with him, this issue being no exception. Clint is a very well rounded and developed character but he can come off as unlikeable at times; considering how his life has been going up this point, one can’t blame him too much for it, though.

The plot really seems like it’s trying to get Hawkeye to his nadir in life with how many terrible things have been happening to him. In a way, it reminds me of the current Animal Man direction, where Buddy Baker is currently in a pretty low point as well. The thing though is that the writer for that book seems to be moving Buddy back towards the light slowly, whereas here, Fraction seems to be having fun dumping on the guy constantly. It gets kind of annoying after a while and makes you wonder if this is really a DC book in disguise, where no character can be upbeat or happy.

Hawkeye 13 02
But don’t worry, the Russian (?) tracksuit gang that talks like 90’s surfer dudes still exist.

The rest of the writing is okay, but that’s pretty much it. The pacing is fine, the dialogue is okay (still don’t get why this gang talks this way), ending is decent enough, and the attempts at humor are alright. It’s all good, but nothing here that’ll stand out.

One of the things that gets lots of praise from the audience for the book is the artwork by David Aja. He certainly can capture a mood and get a surprising amount of facial expression and emotion from the characters, despite how simple his art is. Other than that, there’s really not much else to it; nothing really special here or noticeable (outside of the fact that every single page has 9 rectangle panels for whatever reason) to really distinguish or show exactly why the artwork is so beloved. It’s certainly fine, but nothing really special.

Is It Good? Hawkeye #13 Review 7.0

Is It Good? Hawkeye #13 ReviewIs It Good? Hawkeye #13 ReviewIs It Good? Hawkeye #13 ReviewIs It Good? Hawkeye #13 ReviewIs It Good? Hawkeye #13 ReviewIs It Good? Hawkeye #13 ReviewIs It Good? Hawkeye #13 ReviewIs It Good? Hawkeye #13 ReviewIs It Good? Hawkeye #13 ReviewIs It Good? Hawkeye #13 Review
  • Fraction’s writing and character work is good.
  • Aja’s artwork is decent enough.
  • The constant pessimistic mood is wearing thin.
  • It took way too long to get back to the plot point in this ish.

Is It Good?

Hawkeye #13 is hard to really talk about. There’s really not much to it, finally returning to a plot point that should have been followed up on a long time ago. It continues makes Hawkeye’s life more depressing, despite the arrival of his brother, and has alright art. That’s just it and it really only continues to make me wonder why the book is so gushed over by everyone.

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