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Is It Good? Superman/Wonder Woman #4 Review

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Is It Good? Superman/Wonder Woman #4 Review

Time for some more romance (whether you like it or not) from Supes and Wondy. Superman/Wonder Woman #4: is it good?

Superman/Wonder Woman #4 (DC Comics)


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Surprisingly, there are two stories in this comic (Charles Soule writes both stories, but has separate artists for each of them) and I’ll discuss both:

What Any Man Would Do:

“What Any Man Would Do” is the main feature of the comic with art by Tony S. Daniel. The story takes place a little while after Superman and Wonder Woman discover that the whole world now knows that they are dating. Both have different views on this, but are ultimately curious about how the heck anyone found it about. Meanwhile, we see Zod still in the Fortress of Solitude as he seems to be planning something big.

You choose to be Clark because it’s difficult? Well, that’s certainly one way of looking at it.

Writing wise, it’s the weakest of the stories in my opinion. There’s really not much to it, with Zod escaping from his cell and then distracting Superman enough to release Faora from the Phantom Zone , while he narrates why he is doing everything. It’s very fast paced, mostly characterization for Zod (some insights into Wonder Woman and Superman, but not much outside of one page), and not much else other than setting up for the next issue. It’s not poorly written, just uneventful.

Artwork is where the trouble is. I have enjoyed Daniels’ work on the title in the past, but his artwork nose-dived here. Almost as if it is reflecting the fast pace, the artwork gets erratic and scratchier as time goes on. The detail in this issue dropped, musculatures looks bad, backgrounds disappear, and the action looks off. Now, the final page of the story looks pretty great, but the rest really aren’t. A bit of a shame really.

The Blog Read Around the World:

The second story of the comic is “The Blog Read Around the World,” drawn this time by Paulo Siqueira. This story takes place during the middle of the first tale, where Clark Kent goes to meet with Cat Grant, who broke the romance story on their blog. He talks to her and her boyfriend, Aaron, to see if they know where the information came from. Meanwhile, we see different characters and people around the world respond to this recent event…

…like this mysterious man in the odd helmet. I have no idea who he is.

This story was a lot better than the first and very enjoyable; there is a lot more characterization between the three main characters, with the three weighing in on the situation as Clark tries to figure out what is happening. The dialogue is very good and fits pretty much everyone, including the characters who are reacting to the story (there’s an even amusing callback to the first Justice League arc here), outside of maybe Batman . It even has some nice tender moments where Wonder Woman goes to meet with her friend to talk about what has been happening. Just genuinely very good stuff.

The artwork here isn’t bad by any means, just kind of standard superhero work. Everything and everyone looks perfectly fine, the colors are vibrant, the layouts are decent (the double page spread with the two kissing and the reactions in the background looks great though), and the story flows well from panel to panel. It’s just not the best artwork out there.

Is It Good?

Superman/Wonder Woman #4 is a solid issue of the series that offers the readers two stories with it. While both are good and offer some solid characterization for various characters, one of them is much better than the other and the artwork is on the weak side this time around. If you have been reading the series up until this point, this one won’t discourage you though and you should still find yourself enjoying it regardless.

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