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Is It Good? Black Widow #2 Review

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Is It Good? Black Widow #2 Review

It’s rare, but every once in a while I’ll come across something completely and utterly magnificent. Last time it was Black Widow #1, which earned a rare 10 out of 10 from me. With that level of quality, I had to check out the next issue to see if it could live up to that score, even just a little. Is it good?

Black Widow #2 (Marvel Comics)

Is It Good? Black Widow #2 Review

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Black Widow’s recent job gives her a harder time than she ever expected; the kind where it puts her life in grave danger. Then back in New York City, Widow’s lawyer, Isaiah, has his own problems that he has to deal with.

Is It Good? Black Widow #2 Review
Oh great, now you are just polluting the city’s water supply!

As with the previous issue, this is another done-in-one story and it is fantastic. The difference between this story and the last, besides the scenery of course, is that this story shows what could happen if things went wrong for Black Widow on a mission and the danger she faces. It’s a good idea to do a story like this after the previous one so that the comic can show that she isn’t an invincible and flawless agent. She can indeed make some mistakes or things don’t work out the way she would expect them to, so she feels more human in a sense.

Both stories, Black Widow’s and Isaiah’s, are well done in general. Again, Widow’s story is good at showing her weaknesses while she improvises ways to survive her situation. The ending to her story is a bit silly (we’ve all seen this happen in slasher movies), but it does offer the opportunity for a good follow-up later down the line. Opposite of that is Isaiah’s ending, which is quite shocking and surprising to be honest. Then again, we don’t know much about the character himself up to that point, so the ending does say a lot of things about him.

Is It Good? Black Widow #2 Review
“And good luck with one?” Shouldn’t it be, “And good luck with THAT one”?

Writing wise, it’s on the same level as the last issue. Nathan Henry Edmondson imbues this issue with a great sense of pacing, giving every scene the right amount of time to build its suspense and tension quickly or slowly. Each story is given the right amount of time and doesn’t interfere with the other, each stopping at the right point to allow the other story to pick up. Dialogue and narration are just as good, building the tense moments in the story as well. And as another done-in-one, the story feels tight and exciting, not drawn out as others would (considering what happens in the comic, I could easily see ways the story could have been artificially extended, but happily was not.).

The artwork by Phil Noto remains fantastic. The characters look amazing, the locations and backdrops are wonderfully done, and the coloring is phenomenal and essential in selling the mood for a lot of the scenes. The layouts can be very good in the issue, especially during the action heavy scenes and how the movements flow through them. I also brought up how the art can shift a bit with the coloring and inking with the last issue. It’s still here, but the shift between them is much better and more appropriate.

Is It Good? Black Widow #2 Review
Simple things, like the sun shining on a character, just look amazing in this comic.

Is It Good?

Black Widow #2 is another great issue for the series and should cement this comic as a must read for any comic fan. The story, the characters, the writing, and the artwork all come together to make another great read. Still recommended to anybody who likes the character, spy fans, or anybody who likes well written comics.

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