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Is It Good? Animal Man #27 Review

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Is It Good? Animal Man #27 Review

Animal Man is slowly approaching its end and it’s gearing up for a big finish. What do these final three issues have in store for us? Is it good?

Animal Man #27 (DC Comics)

Is It Good? Animal Man #27 Review

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Buddy Baker has returned to the Red to face down the evil Totem, one of the obstacles in his path to save his daughter. On Earth, Ellen Baker has a run in with some very assholish paparazzi. Finally, Maxine and Socks make a break for cover at the end of the Red, hoping to escape from Brother Blood. The stakes and tension only continue to rise this time around…

Is It Good? Animal Man #27 Review
Dude, wrong question. This can only end poorly for you.

This issue is a giant leap in the right direction from the previous issue. We get back to the emotion, the great characters, and the thrilling story we’ve come to expect from this series. Each individual story here is great (even if Ellen’s is only a few pages in comparison) with how they all work and have so much to them. The characterization and actions are all on point for the characters, especially watching them all progress and evolve throughout the series. As such, with the growth of the characters and depth of them, the emotional aspect really succeeds. If they weren’t as developed and well written, some of the more pivotal moments wouldn’t be nearly as effective, such as Ellen’s outburst at the reporter.

The rest of Jeff Lemire’s writing is just as strong. The dialogue is great with the characters as they chat or confide in one another, also leading to some emotionally powerful moments. It has a very fast pace to it, which fits with the excitement and tension that is just building throughout the tale, keeping you on the edge of your seat the entire time. This is one of those issues where I can’t really talk about it because its too good to spoil, so I can’t go into as much detail as I would like. It’s just honestly very well written.

Is It Good? Animal Man #27 Review
Uh-oh. Looks like someone is about to get wrecked here.

Rafael Albuquerque is back and his work looks better than ever here. His characters look great and are incredibly expressive which helps bring a lot of the emotion to scenes. His monsters and creepy imagery are good, helping make a stellar looking action scene between Buddy and the evil Totem or making the landscape of the Red rather hellish. His layouts are, honestly, only average (though his double page spreads are amazing), but the story flows great from panel to panel with no abnormal cuts between the individual stories going on. It’s just stellar work in general.

Is It Good?

Animal Man #27 is easily one of the best issue of the series since the annual came out. Its story is epic and fast-paced, the characters are wonderful, and the emotional aspects always hit right. If the quality stays like this with the remaining two issues, we are looking at a fantastic finish to one of DC’s best books.

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