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Is It Good? She-Hulk #1 Review

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Is It Good? She-Hulk #1 Review

Marvel Now 2: Electric Boogaloo continues this week with the new She-Hulk series! It’s brought to us by Charles Soule (Thunderbolts, Superman/Wonder Woman, and Swamp Thing) and Javier Pulido (who did some issues of Hawkeye and if recall, some of Brubaker’s Catwoman run). Is it good?

She-Hulk #1 (Marvel Comics)

Is It Good? She-Hulk #1 Review

Jennifer Walters, AKA She-Hulk, walks out of her job after realizing her bosses at the law firm she worked for…kind of sucked. So what is she to do now? Well, why not take on a case a widow gives her in a bar? Seems like a reasonable idea, especially when it involves just chatting with a friend over a legal matter. However, of course, things are not always easy as they seem.

Is It Good? She-Hulk #1 Review
Umm excuse me, I’m trying to drink away my sorrows here.

This was a solid first issue to a new series. Like with Black Widow, this is a one-shot tale that sets up and introduces the audience to the character of She-Hulk. She’s shown to be smart, great at her job, caring, very strong, but also not one who will take any crap from others as seen throughout the issue. This is a story that focuses more on her as a lawyer and in her personal life rather than being a superhero (akin to Dan Slott’s run in a way), and it does a good job. You can understand what her job is and what she has to deal with, but also the sometimes more extraordinary elements that she runs into. It’s a great introduction and if this issue is any indication of what the series will be like, then it appears the audience will be in for any enjoyable experience.

Besides that, the rest of the writing is just as strong. The dialogue is sharp and witty, with some great exchanges and scenes between everyone (the scene between Jennifer and Legal is pretty great). The story is lighthearted, humorous and amusing, with interesting dialogue exchanges and great timing (nothing to make you laugh out loud, but certainly to put a smile on your face). It’s well-paced too, giving each scene and moment the right amount of time to make its point or help with the timing of some of the jokes and moments. The writing in general is solid overall.

Is It Good? She-Hulk #1 Review
Also, stop smiling. You are scaring us.

As far as the artwork, it’s perfectly fine. This is not a style I’m really into (pop art is hit or miss to me) nor are a lot of others, though I do find that it fits the tone and feel the book is going for. It provides cartoony and silly visuals and coloring, but still remains serious enough when it needs to. It’s well laid out and flows well from page to page, while also conveying some scenes very well (like the very long hallway the Legal is in). I have two problems with it, though only one really bugs me. The first is that backgrounds can be so bland and boring at points, with just generic flat color voids (and sometimes there aren’t even any colors). Secondly is how creepy and ugly the characters’ faces can look. The phony, Greg Landish smiles (ever seen Jun from Avatar: The Last Airbender? They are kind of like that), dull and sleepy looks characters have, or the fact that sometimes the characters’ eyes stare off in different directions. Sure, some expressions and faces are okay, but when it’s bad, it’s really bad.

Is It Good? She-Hulk #1 Review
Hey! A Greg Land smile!

Is It Good?

She-Hulk #1 is a great start for a brand new series. It features a fantastic and enjoyable character, terrific writing, and a good sense of humor to boot. The weakest link is the artwork, though it isn’t awful and can fit the tone that the series is going for. If you are looking to add a new and also cheap (hooray for $2.99!) series, this may be just up your alley.

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