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Is It Good? Alex + Ada #4 Review

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Is It Good? Alex + Ada #4 Review

It took a little bit, but I’m finally all caught up on this title. The mystery so far is rather intriguing and we have some very well defined characters here. I am rather curious to see what more we can find out in this issue. Is it good?

Alex + Ada #4 (Image Comics)

Is It Good? Alex + Ada #4 Review

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Alex heads to a forum online (well, their version of “online”) and meets some with some people that could help him. He wants to make Ada a bit more real for her own sake and these individuals may hold the key.

Is It Good? Alex + Ada #4 Review
I think I got this speech the last time I joined a chat room.

I recently caught up on this series and read a few issues in a row to refresh myself. Because of that, the story feels a lot more engaging, getting to read each issue back to back. One of the things I have noticed and others have pointed out is that this is a very slow burn comic; the story moves along inch by inch every issue, which can make this feel very slow and drawn out (if there was ever series that could benefit from double shipping, this would be it). This issue feels a bit different than the last three since some major things are actually accomplished and are guaranteed to have major impact in the next issue. It feels like the story is about to heat up and is officially getting going.

Jonathan Luna’s writing is good and up to the standards that one would expect from this series. The dialogue is solid and engaging. The story is nicely paced and can get intense and thrilling a bit during the final pages, even with its minimalistic and decompressed style of storytelling (it doesn’t look like it would draw a person in without context, but if they are reading the story, it really does). There’s not much in the way of character building (I’m assuming that’ll happen next issue after all that happened), but the new characters introduced are good and have their own personalities to them. It’s pretty good stuff overall.

Is It Good? Alex + Ada #4 Review
Just need to remind you people, he is still on his bed. This is all in his mind.

Sarah Vaughn’s artwork is very minimalistic, with not much detail to it other than to help establish what the location is or make a character distinguishable from the others. It’s definitely different from a lot of comic art out there, even other minimalistic styles like Cooke or Aja. For the type of story the comic is telling, the style works well, even if it’s contributing to the slow and decompressed pace at points (more noticeable in other issues than this one though). The only really bad thing about here is that some of the facial expressions can look very wonky or odd or there is also how people can’t close their mouths sometimes when they are not talking. It looks weird, honestly.

Is It Good?

Alex + Ada #4 is a good issue of the series, accomplishing a lot through its simple and restrained style of storytelling and artwork. Those who have thought the series has been dragging up to this point will definitely like this change of pace as things start to change quickly for the characters. Definitely a recommended read, though if the pacing is too slow for your tastes you might be better off waiting for the story in a trade format after all is said and done.

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