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Is It Good? Deadly Class #2 Review

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Is It Good? Deadly Class #2 Review

The first issue of Deadly Class was decent enough, even though it didn’t get to the “class” part of the title like I hoped. However, this issue seems to be getting to that element and I’m rather curious. Is it good?

Deadly Class #2 (Image Comics)


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It’s Marcus’ first day at Kings Dominion High School for the Deadly Arts (a school in desperate need for an acronym) and to no surprise, everyone there is a complete and utter a-----e with their own twisted and disgusting views on life and society. Luckily, he is just as big of an a-----e as they are and may have a shot in surviving his time there, even with all obstacles in his way.

Charming world view.

I’m not joking around when I say this comic, especially this issue, is full of a------s. Everyone in this comic is an unlikeable douchebag and/or jackass with no charm or likability; and that’s only going by their debuts and introductions. This even extends to the main character (although he does have a sort of sympathetic backstory) with how he initially reacts to everyone as he walks in, even shutting out the only students who approach him in a friendly manner. This sort of thing can really make it difficult for a person to connect the characters and leave them cold and indifferent to what happens to them; although this style of showing the characters’ callous and “idon’tgiveawhat” demeanor initially is done intentionally by writer Rick Remender (so we can like them more later when they do good), it’s still kind of a weird way to start things off.

Ignoring the whole character angle, the rest of the writing is pretty strong (like last issue, I’m not sure how well this comic matches up with the time period, so I can’t judge there). It’s still in the setup phase of a story, building the world and cast, though this issue did give us a good look at the “class” angle, befitting of the title. Remender also introduces some subplots and storylines (plus, the protagonist has a goal to aim for), so the comic now has some clearer direction to it. The dialogue is fine as well, though I can’t help but feel it’s a bit off in some parts with the interactions between students. There’s potential here, though it feels like it needs one more issue before it can fly.

We don’t take kindly to strangers around these parts.

The artwork by Wes Craig, as with the last issue, does its job well even if I’m a fan of its unique look. Craig employs an interesting style with its layouts, presentation, and angles. The characters are distinct and recognizable from each other for the most part, with a decent amount of facial expressions and expressive range. The color scheme is nice as well, helping set the right mood and feel for the settings and situations the characters are in. There’s nothing that jumps out at you like the flashback sequence from the first issue, but for those who really dig the art, they’ll certainly enjoy it here.

Is It Good?

Deadly Class #2 is another decent issue for the series and still shows plenty of potential, especially now that the school aspect of the title has come in. However, the comic still feels like it needs a bit more time to grow and needs some more likeable characters before it can truly shine. Worth checking out regardless.

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