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Is It Good? Superior Spider-Man #28 Review

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Is It Good? Superior Spider-Man #28 Review

The Green Goblin is very much like the Joker. He’s all about the chaos, has a wicked grin, and is the main villain to one of the biggest superheroes in existence. Goblin Nation Part 2 hit stands today, and while I wasn’t impressed with Part 1, I’ll give this one a shot. Is it good?

Superior Spider-Man #28 (Marvel Comics)

Is It Good? Superior Spider-Man #28 Review

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If you’re just joining us, Spider-Man’s Spider-isle was recently attacked by Green Goblin and his goblin army. Thinking he had the better of Green Goblin, Spider-Man utilized a hologram of himself to communicate directly with old GG, but it was all a ruse to enact a full assault on his home base. It was also revealed that GG knows Spider-Man’s secret, namely Doctor Octopus lives inside Peter Parker’s body. With his secret out and all his toys being disassembled does Spidey have any chance to make it out alive? At the same time Peter Parker, (his spirit anyways), is in the brain space that’s leftover after Ock erased most of Peter’s memories. Deciding the best course of action is to hide inside Doctor Octopus’ memories, Peter is fighting for his life to keep his identity intact.

Is It Good? Superior Spider-Man #28 Review
Reminiscent of the Joker.

This issue balances the Peter spirit story with the going ons in the city really well. This is partly due to Green Goblin attacking all of Peter’s nearest and dearest which helps the story organically jump around to all the characters and subplots. The Peter spirit story is also told in two double page spread mosaics which help showcase the chaos of living in someone else’s memories. The pacing and balance keeps things interesting and the reader at the edge of their seat.

Is It Good? Superior Spider-Man #28 Review
Funny and sad. Doc Ock does care about his henchmen.

Writer Dan Slott should be commended with the writing of Peter Parker in this issue. He’s subtly showing weaknesses, fears and a cracking of the Doc Ock persona inside the Peter Parker body. The guy is all about control, but now he’s seeing it all come crumbling down around him. That’s one of the strengths of this entire run in a nutshell. Slott has been able to slowly build up plots and naturally flow character development right before our eyes. If you’ve been reading from the beginning you’ll be thankful he has, in even the briefest scenes with a character, (say Carlie in this issue) made everything feel bigger and poignant because of all that has come before it.

The human condition is right there on all their faces too, thanks to Giuseppe Camuncoli’s very emotive facial expressions. I’m not sure why the Green Goblin henchmen are in ninja costumes (is that because they are ex-Kingpin henchmen?) but they look pretty darn cool. There are some interesting panel and layout choices in this issue too, which help cram all the action and plot development into every single page.

Is It Good? Superior Spider-Man #28 Review
That’s badass.

Is It Good?

For all intents and purposes this might be the story that pits Green Goblin as the forerunner as the greatest villain Spider-Man has. And at the same time building up Doc Ock as the most relatable villain he has. Those are some lofty achievements, only made stronger by just how satisfying this story has been as it has slowly unveiled itself. Recommended.

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