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Is It Good? Deadly Class #3 Review

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Is It Good? Deadly Class #3 Review

Things are heating up for this issue as we are about see our characters about to get a bit deadly. Is it good?

Deadly Class #3 (Image Comics)

Is It Good? Deadly Class #3 Review

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Marcus and Willie have some homework to do for their class: They must kill someone and get away with it. If they don’t, they are out of luck at the school. What will they do?

Is It Good? Deadly Class #3 Review
But first things first, parkour!

This issue had more of a character focus angle and aimed for developing Marcus and Willie more. While they wandered around looking for a target to take out, they spent time talking to each about their points of view, their interests, and their backstories. Both developed and had things revealed about them that made them more complex and real, especially when Marcus was talking about how he viewed other people and his cynicism about humanity. The only downside to this is that Marcus comes across as a very unlikeable individual (especially later on), and while you could understand why he is the way he is, you may not care for him. This is especially problematic when Willie comes across as more likeable and interesting character with a backstory that is even a bit better in some ways.

But besides unlikeability, the writing is fine here. It’s got a good sense of pacing, knowing where and when to speed things up or slow the story down. It can lead to very powerful character moments and very exciting and thrilling bits of action as well (the actual confrontation with the person they want to kill for instance). Dialogue also feels a bit better and more natural in areas, especially when characters interact, like where they are talking about their music interests. It gives a more human touch despite what they are attempting to do. The ending is interesting, but also adds to making Marcus rather unlikeable, again, even if the actions make sense.

Is It Good? Deadly Class #3 Review
Sure, but first you can kiss my ass for convincing me to parkour with you.

The artwork continues to not appeal to me but will certainly work for others. Characters look different and unique from each other, though they have the habit of looking like they are squinting or having their eyes closed at points. Some of the layouts are interesting and convey a sense of urgency and emotion in them at points. Colors are alright, though it feels like there is a filter being used in different scenes (like there is a blue overlay that goes over panels after they already been colored). It’s not really bad and I’m sure this will definitely appeal to the right audience, but it’s just not for me.

Is It Good?

Deadly Class #3 is a solid issue of the series. The characters are well developed and the artwork is quality and will appeal to the right audience. The only thing it really lacks is likeability when it comes to the main character, since he really possesses no qualities one would like about him. Maybe as time goes on, that’ll change.

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