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Is It Good? Iron Patriot #2 Review

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Is It Good? Iron Patriot #2 Review

Time to get back to the Iron Patriot. The first issue was strong and had me anticipating this one; can issue #2 keep up the same level of quality? Is it good?

Iron Patriot #2 (Marvel Comics)


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With Rhodey Rhodes sinking to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico after his Iron Patriot suit was tampered with, all hell breaks loose across America as homeland terrorist acts take place. Even worse, the terrorists even seem to be targeting Rhodes’ family as well. What’ll happen now that our hero appears to be heading for a watery grave?

Ever get that sinking feeling? ::rimshot::

This issue was interesting to me. The first issue was more about establishing the character and the political thriller feel of the book. Instead of building up the thriller and conspiracy angle, with possibly more secret incidents or actions going on in the background, with issue #2 we instead get all hell breaking loose right away with terrorist attacks going down all over the place and the Iron Patriot unable to stop them (though the issue kind of makes you wonder where the hell the rest of the Avengers are at this point).

Sort of an odd story decision, since it feels like we are missing a lot of the story and makes things feel rushed. It’s like we skipped the rising action and went right away to the climax.

Outside of that and the fact that the book feels like it ends before it gets going, the writing by Ales Kot isn’t bad. There’s not much characterization or development here like the previous issue, though everyone feels in character and Rhodey’s family gets to have a good moment in the book. The dialogue and inner narration is fine overall. The book’s pacing and storytelling is good, the issue is constantly raising the stakes and making the situation get worse and tenser almost with each page. It may not give you a moment to breath, but it makes for a story that can get your complete attention. We still don’t have much of an idea of what the villains’ motivation or intentions are, so there is an air of mysteriousness to them, but hopefully we can finally get a look into them in the next issue soon.

Eh, I guess the Avengers or any other superhero are on a coffee break or something.

The artwork still works by capturing the grittiness of the story. The inking, the coloring, and rougher looking areas in the artwork definitely do a good job at showing the country going to hell and all the chaos taking place. It captures the tone and spirit of the story overall, rather well and it helps keep you interested in the story. The art is still a little rough in some areas, such as individuals that have way too many liens all over their face (with no rhyme or reason) and the occasional lack of detail that makes the characters look inhuman but thankfully this issue is not as prevalent as it was in the first issue and isn’t quite as noticeable.

Is It Good?

Iron Patriot #2 doesn’t quite have the impact of the first issue but still isn’t that bad of a read. It has its problems for sure, like the story structure, but there is still plenty to like and get invested in. I still recommend the issue, especially seeing how it appears the first arc will be wrapping up shortly. Give it a shot and see what you think.

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