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Weekly Weeklies: 4/23/14 - Batman Eternal #3 Review

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Weekly Weeklies: 4/23/14 – Batman Eternal #3 Review

Welcome back to Weekly Weeklies. This week, again, we only have one title to discuss: Batman Eternal #3. Soon enough, there will be another weekly to discuss alongside this one, but until then:


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Batman Eternal #3


Lead Writers: Scott Snyder & James Tynion IV

Consulting Writers: Ray Fawkes, John Layman, and Tim Seeley

Artist: Jason Fabok


Stephanie Brown heads to her father’s home to pick up her iPad knock off and runs into a rather interesting surprising when she gets there. Meanwhile, Batman is on the hunt for Carmine Falcone and trying to figure out his game plan for why he came back and what he is trying to do, while the Gotham PD is starting to run into some trouble themselves.

Spoiler Corner:

Stephanie Brown’s father, Cluemaster, and his goon squad friends are being hired out by some shading individual (part of Carmine’s force?) to reshape Gotham. Stephanie overhears this and makes a run for it, becoming the biggest threat to their plan as long as she is alive.

Major Forbes sides with Carmine and his plans to take back Gotham. All Forbes has to do is to keep the police away from any of his plans, which includes taking out Penguin’s criminal empire one hideout at a time.

Mayor Hady appoints Forbes to Interim Police Commissioner with Jim Gordon now out of the way. With Forbes in charge of the police, he has them all direct their attention and focus on taking down Batman, public enemy number one.


This issue is basically another setup issue that moves more pieces and characters into place. It’s quite exciting and as the issue kept implying, this is only the tip of the iceberg and there is plenty more insanity on the way. It’s quite thrilling seeing everything as it is now and wondering how it’ll all come together later on. This issue didn’t nearly have as many big surprises as the previous issue did (some of which are a bit cliché at this point), but it’s still pretty exciting overall.

The writing and artwork is great as always, though this will be the last time we will see Jason Fabok on art duties for a while. The characterization is strong, the plot is very interesting and knows how to get your attention, pacing and structure are good, lots of fun little hints for the future are tossed about, and plenty more. Maybe one part where a character overhears a bit too much is clichéd and makes you wonder a bit, but it’s still a solid story overall.

Best Moment:

Screw your hospitality!


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