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Is It Good? Sheltered #9 Review

Let’s return to the cold, harsh and violent world of Sheltered. The chaos in the series is only getting worse for our morally questionable and dubious cast of children. Whatever comes next, there certainly will be blood. Is it good?

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Sheltered #9 (Image Comics)


Cliff, the last adult survivor from the delivery group, makes it to safety at a cabin… or so he thinks. Meanwhile, the tension only continues to mount at Safe Haven. Not everyone is walking out of this issue alive…

Err… but you ARE murderers you know.

This is a very slow building series, where the story moves forward every issue, but in a way that isn’t noticeable. However, with issues like this — the slow build begins to pay off. Something big that has been building throughout this arc reaches its climax and it’s quite a sight to see. No spoilers, but I guarantee this will be something you have been waiting for and possibly more. This issue, like the rest of the series, remains a very quick and easy read — so feel free to give it a read-through even if you only have a handful of minutes at work or home.

The writing on this book is still very tight and full of great tension and suspense. Even with the pay off you are still left on the edge of your seat and your stomach in knots as it all goes down. The pacing, the story structure, the flow and conclusion are all very strong here and come together wonderfully and make for a good climax issue (one more issue left for the arc though from what I can tell). The dialogue and character moments are also pretty good, outside of one bit and the fact that our cast isn’t very likeable for the most part. Seriously, if more of these characters died, who wouldn’t be happy to see them go?

Hmm… the gun might make the owner not want to buy anything from me…

The artwork by Johnnie Christmas is still pretty strong for the series and captures the grittiness, bleakness, and seriousness of the world. The characters are finely drawn and detailed, the layouts are easy to read and follow, the action and violence is brutal but effective in its impact, and the colors are decent overall. There’s one page that feels a bit off where the artist incongruously makes the characters a bit more detailed and stylized with the line work in the faces, but the book looks good overall.

Is It Good?

Sheltered #9 is brutal and vicious and reaches a rather nasty climax for one of the storylines. Despite it all, it’s highly engaging and will keep you glued to your seat as you read through the pages. Easily the best issue of the series and hopefully, the end of the arc will prove to be just as good.


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