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Is It Good? Coffin Hill #8 Review

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Is It Good? Coffin Hill #8 Review

After a month off, we have returned to Coffin Hill for the brand new arc! Our story will be turning the clock back to the Ice Fisher case that our heroine, Eve Coffin, has cracked wide open. We’ll find out what happened during it and hopefully more. Is it good?

Coffin Hill #8 (Vertigo)

Is It Good? Coffin Hill #8 Review

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At the end of the first arc, we saw Eve Coffin get arrested for murder by her former partner, Detective Greg Frost, and it seems to have to do with the original Ice Fisher case she worked on. As such, the story takes us back to beginning of it all to see exactly what happened. Also in the present, we catch up with two of the rescued girls from the last arc, including Dani’s younger sister, Bianca.

Is It Good? Coffin Hill #8 Review
Ah, the days before her eye and hair went odd.

I’m really liking the approach Coffin Hill is taking for the start of its new arc. While the primary and main focus of the arc will be Eve’s investigation with the Ice Fisher, it won’t just be stuck in the past. It’ll also be looking at the characters in the present as well and what’s going on there, so we don’t have to wait an arc to see what happens with Eve being arrested or whatever happened to the girls. The issue does a good job at balancing all of the storylines so far and nothing seems overly complicated, feeling much more straightforward. All of what we learn and see shows tons of potential and really gets me excited to see where this story will go from here in the coming months.

The writing here is solid and helps really drives the quality of the issue. The character work and characterization is good as usual, especially with the new additional characters added in. Eve Coffin still remains an interesting protagonist and it’s nice to see the contrast between where she was as a police officer and who she is now. The dialogue and narration are good for the most part, with the opening narration being a bit on the cheesy and overdramatic side though, and some strange conversations that flow awkwardly at points. The story structure and pacing are fine here, blending all the subplots and storylines together well with no awkward transitions. There’s not much in the way of horror outside of one little thing, but that’s fine for now since this is just the beginning of the new arc.

Is It Good? Coffin Hill #8 Review
Something about the way they talk feels off here.

The artwork here is pretty good as usual. The characters look decent, the layouts are nice and put together well, the atmosphere feels good, some of the imagery is interesting, and the coloring can look fantastic at points with the tones and hues used. The only thing I would have liked to see more is a slight visual change between the present and the past, to help separate the stories and times a bit better. The story does a decent enough job at it already, but perhaps a shakeup with the coloring could make it even better.

Is It Good?

Coffin Hill #8 is a great return for the comic, really getting off on the right foot for this new arc. The storyline and subplots are intriguing, the characters are interesting as usual, the writing is solid, and the artwork is beautiful at points. It really gets me excited to see where the comic is going with this new storyline and I honestly hope it continues to get better and better.

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