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Is It Good? Justice League #31 Review

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Is It Good? Justice League #31 Review

Forever Evil is slowly drifting away into the past, but its effects are far reaching in this week’s Justice League. What will happen to our characters now? What are the new challenges and threats that they will face now after everything? Is it good?

Justice League #31 (DC Comics)

Is It Good? Justice League #31 Review

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Lex Luthor confronts Bruce Wayne in his own home, having put together that Wayne is Batman. However, why he showed up isn’t for the reason you would expect. Meanwhile, the Justice League is still on the hunt for the Power Ring’s ring, since it may hold the answer for what exactly attacked the Crime Syndicate’s Earth. They may need to hurry up and find that ring quickly, because it has just set its sights on a woman called Jessica Cruz…

Is It Good? Justice League #31 Review
Shotgun Vs. Floating Ring. Who will be victorious?!

We are still in the setup phase of this new direction for the series. We are still seeing the foundations for the new Justice League and Lex Luthor’s plans for fighting this mysterious force that is probably coming in the not-too-distant future. In fact, in a way, it’s more of a character focused issue with most plot progression taking a back seat for the issue. As such, it’s a bit of a slow issue as we see more of the pieces be moved into the place and the characters are just talking amongst themselves about what is going on now. It’s definitely a good story and really makes you interested in seeing more, especially with the final pages, but don’t expect too much happening or much action.

I’m liking the character work and how they all are reacting to the new changes here. We’re getting some minor backstory with Jessica Cruz, who is a very sympathetic figure that you hope can figure a way out of her situation. The entire scene between Bruce and Lex was fantastic as Bruce tries to convince him he’s not Batman. There’s also a good moment with Alfred as well. Also amusing is Cyborg and Shazam talking and bonding with each other during Monitor Duty in probably one of the best scenes in the issue. It’s all very good characterization.

Is It Good? Justice League #31 Review
Accusing me of something always gets me in the business mood.

Outside of the good story and character work, writing is solid overall. The pacing is good, the storytelling and flow are great, there’s a lot of good moments throughout, and there are plenty of good surprises and follow-up on the events from Forever Evil (including one that I never saw coming). Not much to say here, but know that the writing is good.

The artwork for the issue is done primarily by Doug Mahnke (I wonder where Ivan Reis has run off too?) and his work is decent here. His characters look fine and there’s not as many cases of creepy looking faces or eyes there’s usually seen with his work (it’s still there, but not as much). The layouts are decent, the mood and tone is nice with the coloring, the tiny bit of action is good, and the costumes are decently depicted here. We also get to see Jessica Cruz in her Power Ring costume for the first time. Not too bad with the outfit, but I’m not sure about tattoo over her eye.

Is It Good? Justice League #31 Review
However, I will admit that I am actually Superman.

Is It Good?

Justice League #31 is a solid issue. While the story is a bit slow moving, it’s still very much engaging and the character work is really on point this time around. I’m quite excited by the direction the comic is going in and I hope it can keep up throughout this arc.

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