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Is It Good? Unity #10 Review

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Is It Good? Unity #10 Review

It’s strongly suggested you read this puppy after Armor Hunters #3. Mankind is locked in a life or death struggle with the alien Armor Hunters and our only hope may be a team of short-tempered heroes called Unity. Is it good?

Unity #10 (Valiant Entertainment)

Is It Good? Unity #10 Review

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This issue opens with a science fiction nerd’s wet dream of a sequence. It opens with a flashback to the conception of the giant alien spaceship that the Armor Hunters travel in. It’s in this issue you realize the thing isn’t a robot built by hands, but a living and growing entity. Prepare for the feels as this issue not only shows it’s a living creature, but a creature with feelings too!

Writer Matt Kindt devotes a full 10 of the 22 pages to this flashback, so you know it’s going to be important later on. Or maybe it’s just a really kick ass origin. This is in part because your expectation for this flashback is zero at best, but it delivers because it’s drawn in a very vivid and interesting way. How do giant robot looking creatures mate? Well you find out here! Obviously a ton of credit goes out to the artist Stephen Segovia, but the fact that this came out of somebody’s brain for our reading pleasure is exciting to see.

Is It Good? Unity #10 Review
Alien sex. Groovy.

The remaining 12 pages are devoted to what happened at the end of Armor Hunters #3, so be sure to read that one first. These pages focus on Ninjak and Eternal Warrior and help us understand how they go from where we saw them last in Rome to where they need to be in L.A. If you were dying for more hero vs. alien dog action don’t you worry, because that’s how they spend their time in this issue. Frankly I felt like we had enough of that in the last issue, which spent all of its time with this, but it’s still looking very good and there’s a nice human element added in for Ninjak to reflect on the losses these hunters have brought to Earth. Kudos to Kindt to giving us that much at least.

The art is similar to the art in that the first portion far succeeds the second. Segovia simply kills it with the flashback. The space setting looks positively cosmic and gorgeous and the inventiveness of the sequence, dealing with boxy looking robot looking creatures, is no small feat. The latter portion is still good, but it’s just not as filled with wonderment. It’s basically a standard superhero fare. Considering that it’s an action sequence with not much dialogue it’s clear Segovia is pulling that portion, and ultimately the reader, along for a ride.

Is It Good? Unity #10 Review
Alien birth. Groovy. For some of you, “Ewww” I’m sure.

Conclusion after reading this issue? Give Segovia a cosmic Marvel book NOW!

Is It Good?

This book opens with some amazing back story and art that is worth the price of admission alone.

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