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Is It Good? My Little Pony: Friends Forever #8 Review

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Is It Good? My Little Pony: Friends Forever #8 Review

The latest issue of the My Little Pony team-up comic has arrived; this time it’s Applejack and Rarity’s time to shine. The stellar creative team behind some of the best arcs for the main book, Katie Cook and Andy Price, are at the helm. What can they bring? Is it good?

My Little Pony: Friends Forever #8 (IDW)


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The Apple Family gets a letter in the mail from the Orange Family. Granny Smith reads the letter out loud and informs the Apples that the Oranges want to do business, which gets Applejack excited for expanding their family enterprise. There’s one catch: the family lives all the way across the country in Applewood — quite a distance. When Applejack asks Rarity if she can borrow a suitcase for the trip, Rarity invites herself along for the journey to check out the sights. So begins a rather troubled journey for the two…

No no Applebloom, that’s not how you practice base-jumping; you use bed sheets and jump off the roof,duh!

Ever seen a road trip movie? You know, a group of friends trying to reach a destination across the country and running into tons of problems along the way, only to reach their destination and face problems there as well? In a nutshell, that’s what the story is and it does it rather well. It’s basically a kiddier version of a road trip film in the same way the Princess Cadance and Shining Armor arc from the main book was a kid version/homage to an 80’s romantic high school comedy. There’s nothing here that you wouldn’t expect out of a story like this, but the story is still very enjoyable regardless. Heck, I even really like the fact that ending actually wraps up every single story bit and question the issue presented, leaving no loose ends when the comic easily could.

What really boosts writer Katie Cook’s story here is similar to what has made previous issues of the series good — the characters and the sense of humor. Both Applejack and Rarity are portrayed strongly; their personalities and attitudes really bounce off one another’s and provide the issue with a lot of funny and genuine moments. The character arc for the two is reminiscent of an episode from the first season of My Little Pony, where they don’t get along two well because of their demeanor and the way they end up settling their differences, so it’s a bit familiar in some fashion. The humor though is really darn good and there are plenty of hilarious moments throughout; in particular when Rarity starts questioning Applejack’s business plan.

Yeah, knitting is one of those big mysteries of the series best left alone. The answers may shock people.

The artwork for the comic is, of course, fantastic. Andy Price rarely, if ever, lets down the audience with the style and look he brings. The characters all look fantastic, true to form and exhibit a great range of amusing expressions. The layouts are really well put together and fun to follow thanks to how creative they can get. The art really augments the humor a lot, especially with all the background/main gags and expressions seen in the characters. The coloring is well done and the inking job here is good as well. Just great visuals all around, especially from our man Andy Price.

Is It Good?

My Little Pony: Friends Forever #8 is a fantastic issue of the series featuring a great team-up with lots of fun humor. Fans of these characters and creative team are definitely not going to want to miss out on this great issue. Definitely recommended.

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