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Is It Good?  Ms. Marvel #8 Review

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Is It Good? Ms. Marvel #8 Review

In this newest issue of Ms. Marvel we have the return of artist Adrian Alphona to the series after a two issue break. Also, Ms. Marvel has another team-up in this issue, but with a rather odd and different character. Is it good?

Ms. Marvel #8 (Marvel Comics)


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As Kamala is out and about as Ms. Marvel, looking to pick up some clues about where the Inventor or the other missing kids may be, Lockjaw of the Inhumans comes running into her life. Not knowing who he is, Kamala takes him home as her own personal, loveable pet and finds him to be a useful ally in her hunt.

So big and adorable.

Ever since we got past the slow-paced and dragged out origin arc, this comic has been getting better and better. The storyline here is very enjoyable, with plenty going on as well; we get a new character, storyline progression and follow-ups on the missing girl story bit from the last issue (I thought that wouldn’t matter all that much). The addition of the Lockjaw to the cast (for the time being) is great, really adding a lot more charm and humor to the series. I may not be all that familiar with the dog, but he’s already exhibited plenty of personality. Overall, I’m really enjoying how this new arc is starting off.

Of course, the writing by G. Willow Wilson is pretty strong here. The characterization and development with Kamala remains very strong, especially with Lockjaw and how she interacts with him. Seeing the other characters here was great, though they remain still needing some more fleshing out. The dialogue and narration were fantastic, with plenty of great and funny lines throughout the comic. Speaking of which, it was a pretty funny and enjoyable comic through and through, helping balance the serious nature to it. The only weak part was the ending of the comic, since it wasn’t very clear on what’s going. Yes, I can tell her powers are acting weird for some reason, but the final page seems to imply something that’s not particularly clear to me.

This is a common problem among new pet owners I assure you.

The artwork by Adrian Alphona is very strong like it was in the first arc. The characters are drawn very well and distinctly, with a lot of personality in their presentation and expressions. The action is drawn well and easy to follow, especially Kamala’s powers and the effects they have. The artwork also does a fair job of presenting the humor, and even has some nice background gags to it as well. Overall, the artwork’s fantastic and feels better than ever.

Is It Good?

Ms. Marvel #8 is a strong start to this new arc, with a lot of great writing and humor. There’s not much more to be said about it. Definitely check it out this week. You won’t be disappointed.


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