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Is It Good? Trinity of Sin: Pandora: Futures End #1 Review

Among the books cancelled last month, Trinity of Sin: Pandora was one of them. Like with The Phantom Stranger, I wasn’t really keeping up with it too well (though I recall it being nowhere as good Stranger) and with it being cancelled, it will be folded into next month’s book, Trinity of Sin. Either way, this is the last issue of the series, so let’s see how it concludes. Is it good?

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Trinity of Sin: Pandora: Futures End #1 (DC Comics)

Pandora reclaimed the Pandora’s Box one final time and has called the Seven Deadly Sins back to her from all over the Multiverse. She has realized who they are (variations of herself apparently) and what she is, the person who brings the end and beginning to the universe. Now they must all fight to determine who will take dominion of the world and lead this universe to its eventual end someday, as well as its rebirth. Who will be the last Pandora standing?

So yeah, that was a comic that I read. Like with how Phantom Stranger ended, this comic feels like the eventual conclusion to Pandora’s storyline. It brings a close to all of her struggles, the Seven Deadly Sins, and even seems to cover what her whole purpose with Multiverse was all about (or at least imply it). It’s not a particularly bad issue by any means, since it’s definitely interesting to read and we finally get some answers. However, it just doesn’t really translate into a particularly thrilling or all that engaging read.

The writing here is good to be sure, but could benefit from some more fine tuning. The dialogue is okay, but it’s rather dull and dry at points, especially when Pandora is speaking to the Sins. The pacing is fine, but it really drags at points when Pandora monologues about the truth of everything and what their ultimate purpose is. There’s no real personality or emotion here; you never feel anything towards Pandora as she goes on and on. The story flows fine from page to page and is easy to follow, though it gets a tad confusing and abrupt at the end. It feels like we are missing a page or two to better ease into what happens ultimately. The resolution here in the book is good though; I do understand what Pandora is doing and why it needs to be done. The writing overall is fine, but it could have been better at delivering an epic conclusion like the book seemed to want to do.

The artwork by Francis Portela is good. The characters are well drawn, and I do like the variation version of the Seven Deadly Sins with how they would look as Pandora. The page flows very well from one to another, with no real hiccups (though personally, I think one scene should’ve been moved around). The coloring is nice and bright. The action, when it’s there, flows pretty well and feels like it has some impact to it. Not a bad looking book overall.

Is It Good?

Trinity of Sin: Pandora: Futures End #1 feels like the final conclusion for Pandora’s story and feels like the proper end for her series as well. It’s certainly interesting with the choices it makes and the answers it reveals, but it has problems making the issue exciting or energetic with rather dull writing and dialogue. It’s certainly not the worst Futures End tie-in I’ve seen (even though it ties as much into the events of the weekly as Phantom Stranger does), but it’s not the most exciting either. Oh well, we’ll see Pandora next month and see how she fares with a new writer.


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