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Is It Good? Superman: Doomed #2 Review

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Is It Good? Superman: Doomed #2 Review

As we opened with Doomed #1 back in May, we have come to the end of the Superdoom crossover with this week’s Doomed #2. While it’s no Forever Evil, this event has dragged on at points, scattered amongst some truly amazing issues. So with the final confrontation between Superman and Brainiac at hand, is this final issue good?

Superman: Doomed #2 (DC Comics)

Is It Good? Superman: Doomed #2 Review

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Charles Soule and Greg Pak combine their efforts for this last installment and while individually their work is impressive, this issue may have attempted to pack too much talent into one comic resulting in a plot overload. We left off with Superman mentally giving himself over to Doomsday in a final attempt to stop Brainiac first hand. As Superdoom begins to bash his way into the spacecraft above earth, Clark is confronted by Brainiac himself inside of his “mind palace” as shown in previous mental battles with Doomsday. This is where the majority of the story takes place, which in no way implies that it’s a dull issue.

Here are the plot lines that are currently in play and the ones that are presented in this issue alone:

What we came into the issue with:

  • Earth citizens are still being consumed by Brainiac’s telekinetic powers
  • Superman is back on the juice and is possessed by Doomsday, yet again
  • Lois Lane is still trying to be relevant and hang out with the cool kids in the superhero club
  • Cyborg Superman is flying around…somewhere
  • Wonder Woman is attempting to not completely be written out of a storyline where she was once a vital character

Plot events presented in this issue alone (spoilers):

  • Superman engages in a new mental boss battle with Brainiac
  • Cyborg Superman engages in a fight with what turns out to be his daughter
  • Plot Twist: Brainiac is actually just a family man who is doing evil things out of love
  • Plot Twist: Nah, Brainiac is just evil
  • Plot Twist: This storyline just got connected to DC’s Multiverse time/space conflict

So as you can see there aren’t really any dull moments in this issue, which is the problem. This issue crams so much together so that the events begin to lose their “awe” factor. The story continually attempts to one-up itself and while the events individually are really awesome, the storyline as a whole loses its way. However, you might not even notice this because you’re too busy being mesmerized by the art. This issue features nine different artists who have created a truly beautiful comic. Every page is drawn in epic proportions featuring multiple full page panels, striking battle scenes and dazzling space shots.

Is It Good?

If you are just looking for a comic to let your mind go, put your arms in the air and enjoy the ride, this is it. It packs plenty of action, great art, and introduces some pretty cool plot scenarios. The problem is that it struggles to come together in a succinct conclusion to a huge crossover event. It’s like an overstuffed suitcase on the way back from a vacation. You have some souvenirs of battle sequences and a lot of really great pictures, but you had to throw out some Wonder Woman plot to fit Brainiac’s backstory and there are plot twists hanging haphazardly out of the side of your suitcase. As long as you ignore the process and focus on the specific items in the suitcase, you’ll have a good time.

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