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Is It Good? Batman Eternal #29 Review

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Is It Good? Batman Eternal #29 Review

Things are going to be changing in our format for reviewing these weekly books. Instead of one big article, we’ll do a regular article on each book. We’ll use the same format as Weekly Weeklies to keep things simple and enjoyable going forward. Let’s get straight to it with Batman Eternal #29. Is it good?

Spoilers Below!

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Batman Eternal #29 (DC Comics)


Art: Simon Coleby
Writers: Ray Fawkes, James T Tynion IV, Scott Snyder, Tim Seeley, Kyle Higgins
Cover Art: Clay Mann


Things are only getting worse and worse in Arkham Aslyum: Deacon Blackfire is still tormenting Detective Corrigan and the place itself is becoming more unstable by the minute. Corrigan suspects something is up, since this seems even beyond Blackfire’s powers. Meanwhile, in the city the Joker’s Daughter is harassing someone locked inside of the dumpster when she gets a mysterious note and Hush seems to be setting up a bomb in one’s Batman’s Bat hidey-holes.

Spoiler Corner:

Somewhere in the depths of Arkham, Batwing finally comes to. As he starts making his escape and fighting off tons of zombies/demons things, he finally makes contact with Batman on the radio to inform him about what’s up. He’s completely confused, since he has no idea how Hush could have come into contact with Blackfire.

Above in the asylum, Magpie and Dr. Milo start moving a body to a location and Magpie starts realizing something is going wrong. She’s been in a complete haze and wants to know what the hell is happening. Milo says that she actually died three weeks ago…

Batwing sends Julia Pennyworth the code he found written on the walls in the Riddler’s room, hoping that the Batcomputer can crack it.

Joker’s Daughter starts wandering back to Blackfire’s place with a new mission. She realizes her “daddy” is not the one giving her orders and she wants to figure out who exactly has been tricking her.

Deacon Blackfire finally gets his incantation going, preparing to summon the Spectre to take control of the spirit from Corrigan’s body. Just as the incantation goes off, a powerful beam of energy engulfs everyone in and below Arkham, the beam blasting out of the alsyum and high into the sky.

Just as all of this happens, the Batcomputer cracks Riddler’s code and reveals the following message: “Arkham is a just a piece of the plan. If you can read this, you are smart enough to know our foe.”


Overall, I would have to say that this was a decent issue, although it suffers slightly because of the timing of the return to the Arkham storyline. You see, we just got Arkham Manor this week and it reveals the ultimate outcome of what happens to Arkham Asylum in the story, so you already know how this all ends. There’s not as much tension as there should be, sad to say, but the rest of the story and writing here is still pretty solid.

The writing overall is enjoyable and it is really nice to finally get back to this storyline and bring it to a close in the upcoming issues. The writing is well done with good pacing, decent characterization, some fun surprises, and good dialogue. It’s a bit weird to focus on Magpie a bit in this book, considering she hasn’t done much in the comic up until this point, but maybe it’ll go somewhere good next time. Of course, one of the biggest highlights of the issue has to go to the artwork by Simon Coleby, who really nails the atmosphere and tone the book is trying to convey with the whole supernatural vibe. It’s the kind of artwork I want to see more of, especially in a title like Trinity of Sin where it could fit even more.

Best Moment:

I love how Batman puts his logo on everything, even his gas bombs.

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