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Is It Good? Grayson #4 Review

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Is It Good? Grayson #4 Review

Last issue of Grayson saw a more serious and shocking narrative. It certainly left an impression on me and many other fans of the series so let’s see where Grayson’s exploits with Spyral bring us this time around.

Is it good?

Grayson #4 (DC Comics)


After Dick wraps up a mission for Spyral, he decides to take some time to relax and contact Batman about all that’s been going on and if he has any new leads on the information he has been feeding him. However, Dick is about to have a run in with his most persistence foe yet: College girls!

And now a little something for the ladies!

You know how this book has been serious with some occasional humor here and there, since like the second issue? Well nuts to that — writers Tim Seeley and Tom King have decided it’s time to have some straight up fun! This issue is similar to the first, deciding to have a good mixture of both action and gravitas, but still making it a very enjoyable and upbeat experience. The bigger focus is on Dick having some fun and a bunch of the St. Hadrian girls conducting their “man-ty raid”, which leads to a lot of funny and goofy moments throughout the book that still fit in well with the overall picture for the rest of the series. Plus, even when it’s doing all of this, the comic still knows how to balance the fun with the character growth and story development so that issue isn’t simply filler material.

Speaking of that, the story and characters were great. The new development and surprises in the story were very interesting, especially with what we learn about Mr. Minos and Helena’s investigation. It certainly makes me curious about how these events and their results will play out in future issues. The characters were just as charming and fun to read about as usual, especially Dick as he continues his undercover job within Spyral and how he teases the girls chasing after him. But, special mention must go to Helena Bertinelli, who has really shown some character growth and development through these past few issues; seeing her interactions with Dick before and now, you really get a good grasp of how she’s been growing as a supporting cast member.

NO! Not my sucker! It’s my favorite flavor and everything!

The writing is fantastic as with previous issues. The pacing, story flow, and all of the jazz are solid — no problems anywhere. Grayson #4 also helps shed some extra light and background on the school and its students fairly well, introducing St. Hadrian in a natural way through some of the causal dialogue and interactions. The dialogue was fantastic, with plenty of great conversations between the characters. Speaking of the humor, this has to be one of the funniest issues of the comic yet. There are lot of great lines, funny moments, and hilarious jokes scattered throughout the comic that elicited a good amount of chuckles. Now, like I said, the tone is much more difficult than the previous issues, but not in a way that’s too far out of norm for Grayson. I could see some people not particularly liking the tonal shifts between this and the previous issue but to them I say: give it a chance.

The artwork by Mikel Janin is beautiful as always and really shines here. The characters are drawn very well and are easy to tell apart, the layouts are fantastic and panels flow wonderfully from one to the next (look the full page spread used to convey the chase scene), the tiny bit of action is drawn great, and the colors are lovely and make the imagery really pop. One of the best things about the comic was the great the expressions and emotions the characters display. They really brought in a lot of the humor and personality of the story so well, more than most artwork I’ve seen.


Is It Good?

Grayson #4 takes a break from the all the seriousness and heavy morality it had in the last issue and decides instead to have a lot of fun — to wonderful effect. The story, the characters, and the writing all come together wonderfully to make a lively and enjoyable experience, while the artwork seals the deal fantastic visuals and expressive characters. Grayson continues to be one of the shining stars of DC Comics and if you have not read the book yet, what are you waiting for?

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