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Is It Good? Batman Eternal #32 Review

It’s time for more Spoiler action and what may sadly be the final issue that Jason Fabok works on now that he has joined Geoff Johns on Justice League. Is it good?

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Batman Eternal #32 (DC Comics)


Lead Writer: Kyle Higgins
Other Writers: Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Ray Fawkes and Tim Seeley
Artist: Jason Fabok


Spoiler and Hush face off, Stephanie managing to mace him and punch him in the jaw (which hurts a lot more than she expected).

He manages to get her at gunpoint, but Batman drops him and starts beating him up. Stephanie jumps in to help as well, ramming Hush with a motorcycle. He manages to get away though when he tosses a grenade, Spoiler also running off in the midst of the confusion.

Spoiler Corner:

On the roof of the GCPD, Jason Bard (now limping and using a cane after his encounter with Red Hood) meets with Hush. He gives him his new order, having rethought his plan of attack and now wanting to cut off Batman.

Batman rescues Batwing from deep below in the wreckage of Arkham and then he brings Alfred back to the Batcave, where he and Julia embrace. Bruce then takes some time to relax and recollect himself as he chats with Julia. When he checks the Batcomputer, he notices that the McGregor Database has been accessed — the database that tells the locations of all the Bat-caches — and the database was accessed the night that Alfred was attacked. No one should be able to get into the Bat-caches since they are DNA locked by Bruce and Alfred…

The issue ends as Batman races for the Batplane, Jason Bard visits Vicki Vale with the information about the caches (saying that they are just weapon storage rooms that Wayne Enterprises has), and Hush begins to blow up the caches, killing anyone nearby in the explosions.


I was wondering how Batman Eternal was going to deal with the last plotline that Arkham Manor had brought up: How did Bruce Wayne become broke?

We get the answer here and it’s pleasantly surprising how yet another story thread building in the background for the past few issues has been wrapped up so effectively.

The writing and artwork here were all solid as well. Good dialogue, characterization (except I don’t quite get why Spoiler ran off when she was already near Batman and could have given him all the information she already knows), solid pacing, and genuinely nice emotional scenes. Also, if this is the final issue that Fabok gets to draw for this run, then he gets to go out a good note. His work is still incredibly strong, from his depictions of characters to intense moments (like the final pages of the book). I wish he could keep up his Batman Eternal duties, but it is what it is.

Best Moment:



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