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Is It Good? Futures End #28 Review

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Is It Good? Futures End #28 Review

Last issue was a real drag. Not much really happened and the story just didn’t go anywhere all that interesting except for two plot points. Hopefully, things can pick up with this issue because the comic really needs it. Is it good?

Spoilers below!

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Futures End #28 (DC Comics)

Is It Good? Futures End #28 Review

Writers: Brian Azzarello, Keith Giffen, Dan Jurgens, and Jeff Lemire
Artist: Andy MacDonald


Lois Lane has parachuted onto Cadmus Island, much to her surprise. However, her arrival is met with a problem almost instantly: OMAC appears to apprehend her and she’s forced to flee. During her running, she trips over something. It turns out to be Red Tornado of Earth 2, aka Lois Lane.

Spoiler Corner

Mr. Faraday teleported to Las Vegas to speak with the Colonel Klink looking guy (most likely his boss) to give him the update about what has been going on with Cadmus Island. As they talk about what they should do, Fifty Sue teleports herself in. She wants to kill Deathstroke for “betraying” her and still wants to destroy Brother Eye. The Klink looking person informs her about the team he was building to invade the island and she wants in.

In New York City, Batman and Batman Beyond are still fighting it out (even after Plastique blows up a bit of Cal’s apartment). It takes a bit of work, but Terry flings Batman into a building and escapes with Plastique.

Cal Corcoran, aka Tim Drake, goes to Ronnie, asking him if he knows where Madison is. She hasn’t been seen in days and is very worried about her. Ronnie suggests that he goes to the university to find Jason, since he is her study group leader. Cal takes off there, with Ronnie following behind since he’s also worried.

Meanwhile, Jason goes to Dr. Yamazake’s apartment to apologize for lying and try to explain everything to him about Firestorm. When he gets in, he discovers something far more unsettling. Yamazake has the live news report of the building where his wife died playing on loop and an entire wall of superhero photos with lines crossed through them. Jason realizes the man has officially lost it and probably heads to the university to stop him.

Speaking of Dr. Yamazake, he shoves a tied up Madison into one of the teleportation tubes to use her as a guinea pig for his experiment. She tries to plead for him to let her go, but it’s no use. He’s lost his mind and won’t listen to reason as he waits for his machine to warm up.


Now this issue felt better that the last. Sure, we definitely still got some setup going on with a lot of these stories and one tale ended rather anti-climactically, but hey, one of these stories is really picking up steam now and is getting rather exciting. Even better is that it appears that the comic will be following up on this thread the next issue instead of putting it off until next time. Hopefully this is a good sign for the rest of the coming issues.

The only other thing of note that stood out is that the series had a new artist drawing it for the first time, Andy MacDonald. His artwork isn’t particularly bad here, but a bit average. He does some decent facial expressions and the fact that he actually draws in backgrounds for most of the panels is nice, but that’s about it. The quality of how he draws his characters seem to change (I mean, look at Lois Lane and Voodoo in the comic. Really look different), the action is kind of static, and his layouts are just average.

Most Memorable Moment

Is It Good? Futures End #28 Review
Look lady, you are just not helping this situation.

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