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Silver Surfer 101: Powers and Abilities (Part 2)

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Silver Surfer 101: Powers and Abilities (Part 2)

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Cosmic Awareness/Senses

His cosmic awareness allows him to comprehend rules of the universe others would find incomprehensible:

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Senses Gladiator’s weakness and lets him know he can take him down with ease if he exploits it:


His cosmic senses can detect lifeforms and determine their abilities as well:


He can sense energy concentrations anywhere in the universe. He senses that Mephisto is up to something:


He senses a strange new energy type, and then near immediately determines what it is and where it’s located:


Can sense pure consciousness:


Is able to see through a spy’s disguise:


The Surfer senses billions of beings die after Thanos kills half the population in the universe with the Infinity Gauntlet:


He senses someone approaching him before they even left their home:


Super Senses

His vision can see beyond sub-atomic levels. He is able to detect and track Thanos’ teleportation trail which is so advanced that the Surfer describes it as rivaling Galactus’ level of technology:


Can see through illusions as powerful as the Strangers, a cosmic entity near the same class as Galactus:


He can sense the radiation the Fantastic Four emit because of their unique signatures and can also sense tachyon decay, allowing him to sense time-anomolies:


Is able to see a vortex that exists on another plane of existence:


Can hear whispers from Earth while on the moon and has an empathetic sense:


Knows that the person he’s talking to is a Skrull in the form of a human just from hearing his heartbeat:


Sees changes in the electromagnetic energies of marine life:


He can ‘smell life’ and see on a nanoscopic scale:


Can see psionic energy signatures/trails and follow them:


Tracking Skills

States he can track a single dust particle across space:


States he can track a grain of space dust through the endless cosmos:


Time/Dimensional Travel/Manipulation

Can perceive time as one, watching the past, present, and future at once:


Peels back the layers of time to find out what happened to Reed Richards:


Again, he explains how he can perceive time as one, and can project this effect for others to see:


Takes Nova through time:


By flying at faster than light speeds, the Surfer takes an enemy to the future and strands him on a dead, desolate world:

Time travels, Superman style:


The Surfer can retrace his path to any plane of reality/dimension he’s been to before:


Soul Manipulation and Resistance

Enters the Astral Plane of existence to destroy the soul of a foe:


Resists Mephisto’s soul absorbing demons and nearly overpowers Mephisto in his own realm:


Mephisto absorbs the Surfer into himself, but the Surfer’s will and the pure goodness of the Surfer’s spirit proves too much for Mephisto to handle:


Shield/Force Fields

Shields himself from an energy blast by Power Gem enhanced Thor:


Creates a force field capable of protecting him from a raging Hulk:


Creates a force field that protects an island from a barrage of nuclear warheads:


With a casual wave of his hand he produces a force field that knocks Hulk back:


Encases a ship in a force field and takes it through Hyperspace:


Creates a force field used to carry multiple people through space:


Shields a fleet of ships from electromagnetic distortion with a blink:


Creates an anti-gravity force field:


Places a woman in a protective force field of spatial energy:


Blocks bullets fired behind him:


Psionics & Telepathy

Telepathically calms the population of a planet during world-threatening event:


Absorbs someone’s thoughts and transmutes them to produce holographic images:


The Surfer briefly creates world peace by bathing the world in his cosmic energy.

Can send his thoughts to others galaxies away through hyperspace:


Projects an illusion that tricks an out-of-mind Galactus:



Surrounds and holds Millennius with nearby debris and sends him down into the core of a planet:


Throws large space debris at Aegis and Tenebrous:


Using his telekinetic abilities he raises a large mech and an alien into the air:


Deconstructs a rifle:


Deconstructs some weapons:


The Surfboard

Rebuilds his board from his own being:


If destroyed, he can easily pop another board into existence:


Traps Captain Marvel within his surfboard:


He can forcefully bind opponents to his board if they touch it:


The Surfer’s surfboard is under his and only his control. He decides who can or cannot use it:


Life Creation/Evolution and Healing

Creates life on a dead planet:


While creating life, the Surfer releases so much Power Cosmic that he births and evolves all life on the planet billions of years in moments, eventually killing all life on the world:


Brings Thor back from the brink of death:


Heals a Watcher:


Prevents a woman from dying by pulling bullets out of her body and healing her wounds:



Shape-shifts into a creature that can contain a man made of poisonous mist. He submerges himself in a volcano to dispose the enemy:



Phases through the Baxter Building:


Phases into a starship:


Phases out of and back into a building:


Holographic Projection

Produces a holographic image to warn his enemies inside their ship:


Projects an image of his head and scares some aliens into fleeing:


Implied uses of the Power Cosmic

Expand the orbits of electrons until beings phase out reality…boil the fluids in someone’s body…build singularties in their eyes:


Travel in bursts of light…open dimensional portals…manipulate space, time, electromagnetic energy:



The Surfer can fly without his board by propelling himself with his power:


He can levitate without the board:


Uses his Power Cosmic to do various things, including rapidly growing vegetation, causing tsunamis, and lifting pyramids:


Can expel foreign bodies from his body. In this case he expels a virus planted into him by Mephisto.
Forces a fear-eater out of his body.
Puts out a forest fire by raining cosmic energy on it vibrating through the air molecules.
Binds Lunatik to a planet in the same way Galactus once bound the Surfer to Earth:


Rogue’s Power Absorption abilities have no effect on the Surfer:


With a gentle tap on the forehead, he puts Susan Storm to sleep:


The Surfer sucks in a being made of poisonous mist:


His Power Cosmic protects others traveling with him from the harsh conditions of space:



Fights a clone who was a near-equal in power. The Surfer eventually defeats the clone by absorbing all of its energy into himself:

Fights and defeats Champion, an Elder of the Universe:

Surfer vs Ronan the Accuser. Ronan places Nova in a field of absolute zero. The Surfer and Ronan get into a fight in which the Surfer wins. The Surfer holds Ronan down with a force field, and with a casual cosmic jolt undoes the absolute zero statis field placed on Nova:

Surfer vs Ronan Round 2. Again, the Surfer defeats him without much difficulty:

Fights a Banner-less Hulk. Surfer was mostly trying to talk Hulk down and at one point nearly kills Hulk by draining his gamma radiation:

Surfer vs Super Skrull. The Surfer easily defeats him:

Fights and defeats an Avatar of Lady Death:


An extremely weakened Surfer is beaten down by Wonder Man–who was under the influence of the Goddess–who was trying his ‘best to kill the Surfer.’ However, in just seconds the Surfer restores himself to full power and easily defeats Wonder Man, then heals Wonder Man afterwards:

Fights and defeats Lunatik. Lunatik is a Lobo ripoff who has incredible physical power, showing to match the likes of the Surfer in this fight and Hercules:

Surfer makes a fool out of Terrax (albeit slightly weakened), a herald of Galactus:


Fights and defeats Morg, Galactus’ powerful herald at the time. Morg manhandled Firelord and Airwalker (Galactus’ past heralds) and was about to execute Firelord before the Surfer stopped him:

Fights and defeats Firelord, a herald of Galactus. Firelord was being manipulated by the Goddess and was out to kill the Surfer:

Fights and defeats God Cable. Cable puts up a good fight against the Surfer and even manages to break the Surfer’s board. However, once the Surfer gets serious, he one-shots Cable:

Fights and defeats Krosakis, whose natural ability was to absorb energy. Krosakis absorbed the Uni-Power and was significantly amped. The Surfer defeats him by overloading him with the Power Cosmic:

Surfer fights Ravenous. Ravenous posses the Opposing Force, the Negative Zone’s equivalent of the Power Cosmic:

Surfer fights and defeats Ravenous a second time. The Surfer received a permanent upgrade to his power by Galactus previous to this fight:

Fights Beta Ray Bill in hyperspace. This fight displays that the Surfer can fight at super speed and is physically strong enough to hurt the likes of Beta Ray Bill. He beats Beta Ray Bill down while apologizing for it:


Fights Nova Prime, Richard Rider with the full power of the Nova Force/Worldmind. The Surfer’s goal throughout the fight was get Nova out of range of Galactus’ notice without harming him:

Surfer defeats Cancerverse Thor and Iron Man (The Cancerverse characters were stated by the Xandarian World mind to be about as every bit as powerful as their 616 counterparts. Cancerverse Thor was strong enough to break Quasar’s constructs and harm him.):


Silver Surfer vs Deadpool, Herald of Galactus: Deadpool briefly becomes a herald of Galactus and starts doing questionable things with his new-found power. The Surfer fights him in order to stop him. The most impressive feat here is the Surfer was able to stop a massive, moon sized fireball that Deadpool created and dropped on the Earth, and redirect it back at Deadpool:

The Silver Surfer destroys numerous Alephs in a display of speed and combat skill with his board. Alephs are androids created by the Builders for the purpose of destroying worlds unfit for evolution in the eyes of the Builders:

Special thanks to Mark B. from r/respecthreads

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